Upright Vacuums

    Today whether it is an upright or a canister vacuum cleaner, they are designed to do multiple tasks. Upright vacuum cleaners are used mostly where the house or office is heavily carpeted. They are available in both bag-less and bagged models. Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying an upright vacuum cleaner.

    Advantages of buying an upright vacuum cleaner

    •Upright vacuum cleaners do a great job on carpeted floors.

    •They are equipped with powerful brushes to help remove pet hair, dust and dirt.

    •Upright vacuum cleaners are provided with long hose range. So cleaning the stairs will be cake walk.

    •They have powerful suction pumps which has high dust removal capacity. This reduces the frequency of running an upright vacuum cleaner on your carpets.

    •Most of the upright models have larger head to cover more surface area. This helps to reduce the vacuuming time.

    •Height adjustment options along with various attachment tools makes upright vacuum cleaner useful for cleaning hard surfaces.

    However, the final decision lies with you. Once you have made your final decision, visit GoVacuum.com. This online shopping mall for vacuum cleaners is a one stop for your unique cleaning needs. There are hundreds of lead brands and their accessories available with us. You can compare the features and prices of the various brands before zeroing in on the vacuum cleaner of your choice.

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    1. Bissell BigGreen Commercial Upright Deep Cleaner BG10

      Bissell BigGreen Commercial Upright Deep Cleaner BG10


      "Carpets are a great addition to your home décor, they warm a home by adding color, pattern and texture as well. While a regular vacuum cleaner provides a first line of defense against the stubborn dirt and grit that can damage the carpet fibers, you need a carpet cleaner to keep them looking their best. Here is a commercial grade carpet cleaner that you can use in your home, one that has been tested and designed to clean better, dry faster and make cleaning more efficient. It’s the Bissell 10N2 Big Green Machine Commercial Carpet Extractor, BG10. The distinguishing factors of this carpet cleaning system include flow indicator monitors for water and solution levels, two motors, one exclusively for suction power and another for the brush roll and removable clean and dirty water tanks. Why would you want to rent a professional-quality steam cleaner from a rental center anymore? With rental fees and the price of cleaning solutions, you could end up spending much more on the long run. Instead, simply buy this lightweight yet powerful carpet cleaning system for your home, it weighs only about 40 lbs and stores quite compactly as well, as it features a fold down handle.

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    2. Bissell 11X4 16 Inch Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner With On-Board Tools, HEPA Filtration, BG11.
    3. Bissell BG15 Big Green Commercial Bagged Upright Vacuum, Model 15K7
    4. Bissell BG17 BigGreen Commercial Lightweight Upright Vacuum With Shake Out Bag, Model 17X3
    5. Bissell BG17 BigGreen Commercial Lightweight Upright Va

      Bissell BG17 BigGreen Commercial Lightweight Upright Va

      Bissell BG17 BigGreen Commercial Lightweight Upright Va Learn More

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