Wide Area Vacuums

    Wide area vacuum cleaners are commercial cleaners that are used much more intensively than the domestic vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners have wide floor cleaning path and long extension wands to reach high or narrow corners. The power cords are longer than the domestic vacuums. Since their purpose is to remove the dirt, dust and debris they come with a variety of attachments. Here are a few tips on using commercial vacuum cleaners.

    How to use a commercial vacuum cleaner

    •Before you start the vacuum cleaner, remove all the large objects from the room.

    •To remove the dust and cobwebs from the high point corners of the room, connect the extension wands and dusting brush.

    •Now plug the vacuum cleaner into the socket and switch it on. Run the dusting brush along the ceiling and the wall. You can also remove the dust and debris from the window ledges, desktops, shelves and other hard surfaces.

    •If you want to run it on the furniture, remove the dusting attachment and replace it with upholstery attachment (brush or nozzle). You can also suck in the dirt and dust on the window and door drapes.

    •To vacuum the floor, connect the hose to the floor-heads. This will clean the hard floors and carpeted area.

    •Always vacuum from top down. The debris that floor can be cleared while vacuuming the floor.

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