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Why Choose Handy Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners? Handy for cleaning small messes or reaching awkward spaces your bigger vacuum cleaner can’t reach, the advantages of hand held vacuums are many. These lightweight cleaners which weigh between 0.7kg to 2.3kg come with attachments such as bendable hoses, soft brushes and crevice tools for enhanced cleaning. Handheld vacuums are ideally suited to clean carpets, upholstery and cars. A great alternative to the larger and heavier vacuums, these handheld vacuums are easy to handle and can be carried around wherever you need to clean with little or no effort at all. Always look out for the suction power, ease of operation, and consider your budget before purchasing a hand held vacuum cleaner online. Note that a more powerful motor may increase the weight of the handheld, so you’ll need to balance your power and flexibility needs. Heavier models will tire your hands, especially if you want to use your handheld vacuum for quick clean ups on a daily basis. You also need to know that most hand held vacuum cleaners operate on battery. However, they are cheaper than their bigger counterparts. GoVacuum: Best Source for Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

There’s no doubt that handheld vacuums are a great add-on to cleaning system. By cleaning up small areas of dirt and dust effectively, they are able to clean everyday messes with ease. A quick clean up and they are back to their docking station or to be stored away. Their handy uses around the house are many. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of buying these handy cleaning devices online at Bissell, Alessi, Dirt Devil, Eureka, Emer are just some of the brands we stock. We have the widest collection of handheld vacuums and offer free shipping so you can have the product delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost!

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  1. Emer Lil Sucker Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

    Emer Lil Sucker Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

    Emer Lil Sucker With Attachments/Silver/65" Water Lift/120V/600W/3 Filter System/Cleaning Tools/Shoulder Strap/Variable Speed Learn More
  2. Alessi Handheld Vacuum

    Alessi Handheld Vacuum

    Sleek and sexy rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner. Charger has an integrated crevice tool and wet nozzle. Designed by Alessi, Italy. Learn More
  3. Koblenz HV-108KR Cordless Hand Vacuum

    Koblenz HV-108KR Cordless Hand Vacuum

    Koblenz has developed high quality floor care products for over 40 years that are targeted at solving real consumer needs in the both the domestic and industrial markets. Quality is designed into the product from its conception. An uncompromising commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is our goal. This powerful cordless hand vac has a 10.8 volt rechargeable motor that is ready to handle any job. Great for quick clean ups on tables, furniture, floors or anywhere you need it. The lightweight, compact size makes it easy to get into tight spaces and an included crevice tool for getting deep down dirt. Includes charger and reusable filter. <- Learn More
  4. Koblenz HV-120 KG2 Corded 120-Volt Hand Vac

    Koblenz HV-120 KG2 Corded 120-Volt Hand Vac

    • Powerful 1400-watt vacuum with a handy crevice tool
    • Extra long 18-feet cord and easy empty dust cup
    • Easy access to tight corners
    Learn More
  5. FilterStream V2400 DirtTamer Supreme Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Soniclean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Model # HH-0800
  7. Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vacuum 11120007848
  8. Dirttamerâ® Supreme V2400 Cordless Wet/Dry Hand Vac
  9. Rug Rat All Purpose Hand Turbine
  10. Dirt Devil M0105 Bagless Hand Vac For Dog & Cat Owners

    Dirt Devil M0105 Bagless Hand Vac For Dog & Cat Owners

    Dirt Devil M0105 Bagless Hand Vac For Dog & Cat Owners Learn More

Results 21 - 30 of 31

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