Lindhaus Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Red Upright Vacuum

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    Lindhaus brings another uniquely designed vacuum with cutting edge engineering to consumers with the Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Red Upright Vacuum. This top of the line engineering from Lindhaus has produced not only a vacuum but also a dry cleaning system! With this integrated technology, a user can both vacuum and dry clean a carpet with the E.S.O. Evolution.  With a 4:1 stretch hose and telescopic wand the user of this upright vacuum has an expansive extended reach to use with the on board tools. The Activa also comes standardly equipped with six stages of filters and a user selectable filtration system. This unique system allows users to select not only the level, but the type of contaminants the user would like to remove from the home while cleaning.

    Even with all of the cutting edge technology integrated into the vacuum the E.S.O. Evolution Red is extremely easy to use, including the transition from vacuum to the dry carpet cleaning maintenance system. The Lindhaus Activa can make the switch from vacuuming to dry cleaning in seconds by simply changing the brush roller with the dry clean brush and closing the top mounted suction channel. One thing Lindhaus strives for in the engineering of their vacuums is simplicity and following through with that, no tools are required to make the switch from the brush roller to the dry clean brush. With a dependable warranty, one year complete and three years for the motor and belt, the Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Red Upright vacuum is a solid investment for the home.

    At a quiet 69 decibels, this Lindhaus Activa will not disturb the entire household during use as some vacuums do.  With a whopping 850 watt motor, the Red E.S.O. Evolution is tough, even on the toughest dirt. Not only does the Activa make cleaning around the house easier but the vacuum itself is easy to clean. A patented clutch system prevents the extra hassle of cleaning the vacuum unit because it protects the two cogged drive belts and the motor from overload or brush blockage. Also to make cleaning the vacuum simple, the Activa requires no tools to clean the base housing so a consumer will be spending less time cleaning the upright vacuum itself.

    The Lindhaus Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Red Upright Vacuum is one of the sleekest models available on the market with built-in compartments for every tool attachment. On board tools include a crevice attachment and an upholstery attachment. The design of this particular upright vacuum makes it a breeze to clean under furniture, it allows the user to move the vacuum completely horizontal under furniture keeping the tool attachments safely tucked within compartments on the vacuum. Lightweight, at just 14.8 lbs, the E.S.O. Evolution can be carried up and down stairs without a struggle. The 35 foot power cord gives this upright vacuum a long reach preventing the need to continually plug and unplug to be able to reach every corner of the room.

    Filter upgrades for vacuums are possible on any Lindhaus model and the Lindhaus Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Red Upright Vacuum is no different. Standard filters from the factory are a 3M filtrete electrostatic microfilter which are the same type of filters used in hospitals. Possible upgrades include the S-class HEPA filter and the Micron Carbon filter. The S-class HEPA filter is able to filter particles 0.3 microns or larger at an efficiency of 99.97% so you can be sure these tiny particles will be trapped within the vacuum and not contaminating the air, especially during allergy season. The Micron Carbon filter is a combination of activated carbon between two layers of 3M Filtrete and allows the user to control odor and gasses within the home.

    Lindhaus Activa 30 Lindhaus activa is part of the new generation of high filtration vacuum cleaner that has been designed to do dry-carpet cleaning. Activa 30 as it has come to be known as is a unique single motor vacuum cleaner that is quite light in weight and it comes with a patented gear belt system. Activa 30 blue activa especially has switchable filtration options which are; 3M Filtrete Standard option, S-Class HEPA filtration option and that Charcoal filter option that has been designed for odor control. Lindhaus activa blue has been designed from high end engineering that has seen all the components and dynamic balancing of the entire lot of parts that makes it possible for the user to enjoy the lowest sound levels from the vacuum cleaner. Moreover, converting Activa 30 E.S.O. evolution Silver Blue converts from vacuum cleaner to carpet cleaning system easily as all the user is supposed to do is change the brush without having to use any tools. Lindhaus Activa Review The Activa 30 E.S.O evolution Silver Blue has been designed as an upright style vacuum that utilizes disposable bags. The machine is dual purpose as it serves the duty of a vacuum cleaner and the duties of a dry carpet cleaning machine. Lindhaus activa blue has also been fit with a swappable easy filtration system that makes it possible for the user to adjust the filtration to his or her specification. The vacuum cleaner comes standard with a washable motor filter and it has a 3M Filtrete exhaust motor. Lindhaus activa model of vacuum cleaners has a 35 foot long power cord and a cleaning path that is 12 inches long. The best Lindhaus vacuum cleaner weighs an approximate 14.8 pounds. The Lindhaus vacuum cleaner is priced at $500 and it comes with a year’s parts and labor warranty and a 3 year warranty on the motor. In many of the activa 30 reviews, users have stated that the Lindhaus activa blue vacuum cleaner is capable of converting easily from Vacuum mode to dry carpet cleaning machine, it has on board accessories, have very minimal noise level and has a wonderful filtration system. Lindhaus Activa Blue vs. Red The Lindhaus Activa Blue single motor vacuum is light in weight and comes with a patented gear belt system. Lindhaus activa blue input power is set at 850 W water lift 0f 79” and the Air flow rate is set at 102.8 CFM. The vacuum cleaner is a 4 lt 2-ply washable water filter that comes with a standard safety bag support. It has a 3M Filterete Exhaust and the filter standard is S-Class HEPA Filter. Lindhaus active blue can go up to 5000 RPM and 360° convergent bristle width: 10.7". The vacuum cleaners base width is set at 12.0". The Lindhaus Active red has a new 7.5 amp motor which produces 102.8 CFMs, the power turns the brush rollers at 500 rpms and the noise level has been minimized to 68 db. The Lindhaus activa red weighs only 14.8 lbs. and has a very low profile when laid flat. The activa red has been incorporated with an optional S-Class HEPa filter that gives the user 99.97% dust filtration at 0.3 microns. Tool on board this vacuum cleaner are dusting brush, crevice tool, furniture brush and a 4 to 1 stretch hose that has a wand. The user can access the side plate that allows her to access the brush roller, remove it, clean it and put it back in, this without having to use any tools to alternate between the vacuum and the dry cleaning.
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