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Miele ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (4 Bags) Miele ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (4 Bags)
Miele ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (4 Bags)
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* GN style Miele Generic Canister Bags
* Qty: 4 Bags Total (no filters)
* Self-Sealing Bags
* High Quality Filtration
* For Miele S400i, S600i, S2, S5, and S8 Models

Product Description:

UPC: 608939824119

Keeping your Miele vacuum well maintained is the secret to having a clean home
and prolonging the life of your sweeper. Changing your vacuum bags on a regular
basis is one easy way to keep your vacuum running smoothly, but if you're like
many of us, you hate to spend big bucks every few months to purchase pricy vacuum

ZVac Miele GN Vacuum Bags are the solution. These generic sweeper bags will fit
any model that uses Miele GN replacement bags and perform every bit as well as
brand name bags; however, because they are generic, they cost far less. This 4-pack
is perfect for many households, and if you only change your sweeper bags every 3
months, it will last you for an entire year.

When you opt for ZVac Miele GN Vacuum Bags, you can rest assured that the air you
breathe will be safe for you and your family. The cloth-like weave of the sweeper
bags enables them to filter out up to 99 percent of all harmful particles that are
lurking in your home. Plus, the material is biodegradable, making the bags eco-
friendly. Because our generic Miele GN vacuum bags are engineered just like OEM
bags, they are easy to install and don't affect vacuum performance.

As a part of our commitment to protecting the planet, donates
money to have one tree planted each time we sell 500 ZVac bags. In addition to our
4-pack, we have single and duo packs available as well as larger value packs. Visit
the links below for other size options.actured, GoVacuum will donate to have a tree planted with in the Endangered Brazilian Rain Forest.

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