Who wants to spend hours every week cleaning house? No one wants to live in a messy environment every day as well. Buying a vacuum cleaning system can be a great move to tackle the dust in your home. Even if you are frustrated that your lackluster machine is not doing the trick quickly and effectively, you can select from newer vacuums that are more powerful and efficient. You can even find replacement parts for your older vacuums so you can get them running to their optimal performance levels soon. It is recommended that you choose a vacuum based on your cleaning frequency, the style that suits your vacuuming needs, and any special features that you are seeking. Studies have proved that living in a clean home can reduce stress levels considerably. Buy vacuums online and tackle the dirt in your home effectively.

    Uprights, canisters, small stick vac or central vacuums, the choice is yours. Uprights have more maneuverability than canisters, spinning brushes make great accessories for carpet cleaning, cordless vacs are great for cleaning but can they last through your vacuuming time? For answers to all these questions and also buying guides for vacuums so you can find the best vacuum cleaner, visit We stock a wide range of vacuums to satisfy everyones cleaning needs. Enjoy great savings on already low warehouse prices, not just that we offer free shipping on all our products. You can even find Product Diagrams for all the popular brands so you can understand the parts and the way they function before choosing vacuums for your home or office.

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    1. pro Carpet Pro CPU 2t Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

      pro Carpet Pro CPU 2t Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

      3 wire cord on the commercial model. Features 10 Amps 4-stage electrostatic filtration 40 ft. 3-wire cord 12" Metal Roller Brush Metal handle Metal bottom plate Soft furniture guard Includes On-Board Tools 1 Year Part Warranty 90 Days Labor .. Learn More
    2. Carpet Pro CPU-2T Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner CPU2T With On-Board Attachments
    3. Carpet Pro Scbp-1 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner
    4. Smart Choice Carpet Pro HEPA Filtration 5 Pack Bundle Package, 30 Total Bags
    5. Carpet Pro Commercial CPU 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    6. Carpet Pro CPU-75T Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum With On-Board Tools
    7. Carpet Pro CPU-85T Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner w/On-Board
    8. Royal Commercial Non Electric Push Sweeper M090

      Royal Commercial Non Electric Push Sweeper M090

      Description: Royal Commercial Sweeper M090 Large Dirt Disposal Capacity, Easy to Empty Dual Dirt Cups. 8 rubber blades and edge cleaning bristles for superior agitation and cleaning Convenient for bare-floors and low pile carpets Easy maneuverability Ha Learn More
    9. Royal 090 Commercial Sweeper

      Royal 090 Commercial Sweeper

      10" Sweeper Revolving rubber-blade brush Edge cleaning bristles Comfort handle grip Easy-empty dual dust pans Easy glide wheels Wrap around bumper Learn More
    10. Royal SR30010 Lexon S10 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

      Royal SR30010 Lexon S10 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

      With a barefloor brush and a carpet rug nozzle, the Royal SR30010 provides the ultimate cleaning experience. The Lexon S10 canister vacuum also uses a powerful 10-amp motor to pick up more dirt and dust and keep your home feeling and smelling clean: 360 Swivel. The SR30010 offers a 360 swivel feature that allows you to clean more area without wasting a lot of energy: Full Bag Indicator. The Lexon S10 from Royal features a full bag indicator to tell you when to change the vacuum bag. You won't have to rely on guesswork anymore! Adjustable Suction Control. When cleaning more delicate surfaces, such as drapes or throw rugs, you can adjust the suction dial to prevent sucking unwanted things into the canister vacuum cleaner: On-Board Tools. The Royal SR30010 Lexon S10 canister vacuum comes with a carpet And rug nozzle, a hard floor brush, a upholstery tool, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush for cleaning all types of surfaces. Learn More
    11. Royal Commercial Sweeper, Rubber Blade Rollers, 10 inch Sweeper With Rubber Blade Rollers 10

      Royal Commercial Sweeper, Rubber Blade Rollers, 10 inch Sweeper With Rubber Blade Rollers 10

      Works With: Royal 090 Royal M090 Description:Genuine Royal, 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty Learn More
    12. Royal RY2000 Airpro Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner
    13. Royal RY7600 "Lite" Carpet Extractor
    14. Royal UR30085 Pro-Series CleanSeeker Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    15. Royal Lexon S20 Canister Vacuum Cleaner
    16. Royal RY6500 Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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