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    Who wants to spend hours every week cleaning house? No one wants to live in a messy environment every day as well. Buying a vacuum cleaning system can be a great move to tackle the dust in your home. Even if you are frustrated that your lackluster machine is not doing the trick quickly and effectively, you can select from newer vacuums that are more powerful and efficient. You can even find replacement parts for your older vacuums so you can get them running to their optimal performance levels soon. It is recommended that you choose a vacuum based on your cleaning frequency, the style that suits your vacuuming needs, and any special features that you are seeking. Studies have proved that living in a clean home can reduce stress levels considerably. Buy vacuums online and tackle the dirt in your home effectively.

    Uprights, canisters, small stick vac or central vacuums, the choice is yours. Uprights have more maneuverability than canisters, spinning brushes make great accessories for carpet cleaning, cordless vacs are great for cleaning but can they last through your vacuuming time? For answers to all these questions and also buying guides for vacuums so you can find the best vacuum cleaner, visit We stock a wide range of vacuums to satisfy everyones cleaning needs. Enjoy great savings on already low warehouse prices, not just that we offer free shipping on all our products. You can even find Product Diagrams for all the popular brands so you can understand the parts and the way they function before choosing vacuums for your home or office.

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    1. Dyson DC14 / DC15 Genuine Washable Filter 905401-01

      Dyson DC14 / DC15 Genuine Washable Filter 905401-01

      Fits DC14 All Floors, DC14 Low Reach, DC14 Animal, DC14 Full Gear, DC14 Full Access, DC14 Complete - Lifetime Filter- Lifetime highest grade filter without losing suction. Filters particles as small as cigarette smoke (0.1 micron). Filter should be washed Learn More
    2. Dyson DC27 & DC28 Filter Washable Genuine Dyson Part# 919780-01

      Dyson DC27 & DC28 Filter Washable Genuine Dyson Part# 919780-01

      This is the genuine Dyson made washable lifetime filter for the Dyson DC-27 & DC-28 Bagless Uprights. Learn More
    3. Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool

      Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool

      Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool by Dyson Learn More
    4. B0072J3I9M

      Dyson DC35 Multi floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner- Factory Reconditioned

      Dyson refurbished vacuums have been stripped down, cleaned out, reassembled and thoroughly tested. Theyre restored to a fully functional condition. In short, they are everything a Dyson machine should be- they work properly and dont lose suction. Dyson refurbishes vacuums that are returned to us by retailers or consumers. Refurbishing these machines, rather than disposing of them, means that the parts and materials are re-used instead of wasted.When a machine comes to us to be refurbished, it is first stripped down as far as necessary. Components removed from the machine that meet our high standards of quality are kept and cleaned. Most damaged or broken components are sent away for recycling. The core of the machine is thoroughly cleaned and new parts are added to replace damaged or cosmetically unacceptable parts discovered during the stripping down process.Just like our brand new machines, the rebuilt machine then undergoes a comprehensive series of electrical and performance tests to ensure that it works as it should. For our vacuums, one of the tests carried out is a suction test. All refurbished vacuums are electrically tested in compliance with electrical and safety requirements. One of the primary differences between a new Dyson machine and a refurbished Dyson machine is its appearance a scratch here or there, or a slightly clouded bin may provide a clue that it has been previously used. After it has passed all of the tests, the machine is then packaged and sent out. All Dyson refurbished vacuums come with a 6-month parts and labor warranty.The Dyson DC35 Multi floor Reconditioned is a Dyson Digital Slim cordless vacuum cleaner for every floor type. It features a detachable long-reach wand and a motorized cleaner head. Powered by the Dyson digital motor, the most power-efficient motor ever developed for a cordless vacuum, the DC35 is the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner.The DC35 features Root Cyclone technology, in which powerful centrifugal forces spi Learn More
    5. Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
    6. NSS Outlaw Back-Pack Vacuum

      NSS Outlaw Back-Pack Vacuum

      Portable, Light weight, and powerful the Outlaw back-pack allows for users to operate in tight quarters. Outlaw can also adapt to a blower with the extra accessories available for purchase. Learn More
    7. Windsor VP10 Vac Pac 10 Quart Commercial Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner, Part Number 1.014-007.0

      Windsor VP10 Vac Pac 10 Quart Commercial Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner, Part Number 1.014-007.0

      Features: Six and ten quart capacities to accomodate different operators and job requirements. Light weight and comfortable harness system makes the job easier. Power Switch is mounted on the hip within easy view and reach of the operator. Learn More
    8. Emer commercial 1300 watts motor blower function vacuum cleaners

      Emer commercial 1300 watts motor blower function vacuum cleaners

      All Emer commercial vacuum cleaners have superior suction and are designed for quiet operation with long lasting motors. Emer's professional vacuums come with an one-year motor warranty. They are a perfect solution for both dry and wet vacuum applications for the industrial or office workplace. The "dry" commercial units have extraordinarily powerful motors and capacity. The "wet" vacuums are perfect for water spills in garages and basements. No other commercial vacuum offers such power and flexibility for such a reasonable cost.Need deep carpet cleaning? Just add the optional power nozzles for Emer's direct connect system with an on/off switch for carpet to bare floor change. Telescoping wand that adjusts to your preferred height. Quick foot release to put various attachments on without bending. No loose wires to get tangled or rip for costly repairs. With handle in the lock upright position the roller nozzle shuts off to protect floor surfaces. Emer also features a never-fail geared belt system that is ready to work. The deluxe Emer WPN power brush has geared belt drive system and is protected with a patented motor protection integrated circuit that will detect any problem in the brush before it can cause damage and will shut power off to the nozzle. No longer does vacuuming "one's socks" mean you have to drop everything and replace the belt. The standard Emer PN offers a light version power brush that runs on a flat belt pully drive. The motor spindle is made from ceramic to extend belt life.Basic Features:Lightweight drum - only 14.5 lbs.8 gallon capacityPowerful 1300 watts motorBlower function92 inch water liftOperating radius 32 ft.Airflow 85 cfmFlexible standard hosePlastic extension tubeCarpet/floor nozzlePower socket for electric nozzle1 speedCrevice toolUpholstery toolCarry handleParking system1 year motor warranty. Learn More
    9. Vacuum,Proforce 1500,1160 Watts,Dual Motor,Gray/Black

      Vacuum,Proforce 1500,1160 Watts,Dual Motor,Gray/Black

      Vacuum,Proforce 1500,1160 Watts,Dual Motor,Gray/Black Learn More
    10. Cirrus CB50 Central Vacuum

      Cirrus CB50 Central Vacuum

      The Cirrus C-CB50 Central Vacuum features a powerful,5.7" 2-stage flow thru flow motor. It comes standard as an inverted bag unit, but has a special stem that allows it to use an optional sealed paper bag. The inverted bag provides a permanent fil Learn More

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