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    Who wants to spend hours every week cleaning house? No one wants to live in a messy environment every day as well. Buying a vacuum cleaning system can be a great move to tackle the dust in your home. Even if you are frustrated that your lackluster machine is not doing the trick quickly and effectively, you can select from newer vacuums that are more powerful and efficient. You can even find replacement parts for your older vacuums so you can get them running to their optimal performance levels soon. It is recommended that you choose a vacuum based on your cleaning frequency, the style that suits your vacuuming needs, and any special features that you are seeking. Studies have proved that living in a clean home can reduce stress levels considerably. Buy vacuums online and tackle the dirt in your home effectively.

    Uprights, canisters, small stick vac or central vacuums, the choice is yours. Uprights have more maneuverability than canisters, spinning brushes make great accessories for carpet cleaning, cordless vacs are great for cleaning but can they last through your vacuuming time? For answers to all these questions and also buying guides for vacuums so you can find the best vacuum cleaner, visit We stock a wide range of vacuums to satisfy everyones cleaning needs. Enjoy great savings on already low warehouse prices, not just that we offer free shipping on all our products. You can even find Product Diagrams for all the popular brands so you can understand the parts and the way they function before choosing vacuums for your home or office.

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    1. Bissell Steam Mop Max 21H6
    2. Elky Pro  Compact Auto Scrubber

      Elky Pro Compact Auto Scrubber

      Designed for daily maintenance of smaller areas and tighter spaces. It allows you to clean over 1000 sq ft without changing the cleaning solution. This auto scrubber always uses clean solution and truly removes dirt and soils, leaving floors clean, dry, and non-slippery Learn More
    3. Bissell Easy Sweep Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper, 15D1A

      Bissell Easy Sweep Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper, 15D1A

      The EasySweep is the perfect choice for quick pick-ups on bare floor, rugs and low level carpet. Learn More
    4. Bissell B-2102 Sweeper

      Bissell B-2102 Sweeper

      Specifications: 11-5/8" x 10-3/8" x 3-3/4" heavy duty polystyrene construction 3.1 pound lightweight sweeper high performance bristle brush dark blue Quick and easy clean ups on ALL floor types! Learn More


      Bissell 2600 Sweeper Heavy-duty steel construction. Large capacity, easy to empty twin dirt pans. Handle lies flat under furniture. No-Slip Handle. Includes brush comb. Learn More
    6. Bissell Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper 92N0A

      Bissell Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper 92N0A

      Bissell Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper is a quick way to clean everyday messes like crumbs, dirt and pet hair from bare floor, carpet and rugs. Learn More
    7. Bissell B-5232 Select Push Sweeper

      Bissell B-5232 Select Push Sweeper

      Perfect for bare floors and low pile carpet, this sweeper features durable steel construction with natural boar bristles and an easy to empty debris canister for effortless cleaning. The handle lies flat to get under furniture and easily fits into tigh Learn More
    8. Dust Care Compact Plus Carpet/Floor Sweeper 11-4545-39

      Dust Care Compact Plus Carpet/Floor Sweeper 11-4545-39

      10.5 x 7.5, Metal Top, Metal Handle, Metal Bottom Plates, Color Black & Silver, Clean Out Comb Stores On Handle, 3 Rows Of Brushes Learn More
    9. Hoover Conquest Heavy Duty Commerical Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Model C1800010, 14'' Cleaning Path

      Hoover Conquest Heavy Duty Commerical Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Model C1800010, 14'' Cleaning Path

      The Hoover C1800-020 Conquest commercial upright vacuum cleaner is ideal for use in healthcare, education, food service, government, building services, retail, and rental businesses. It's durable construction and other features makes this an excellent investment for your cleaning needs. As a bagged unit the C1800-020 vacuum cleaner uses dust bags that comes in an array of standard, allergen, and HEPA varieties, allowing you to meet the needs of your clients. The Hoover C1800-020 filters out allergens such as dust mites and pollens. This makes the C1800-020 perfect for commercial use because the vacuum addresses clients with allergies and/or asthma. The Conquest C1800-020 commercial vacuum's SJT power cable is 40' long, allowing you to clean large carpeted areas like meeting rooms, hallways, and living rooms with ease. The Hoover C1800-020 Conquest doesn't damage furniture due to its 3-position handle that lays flat in order to pass under low clearance furnishings. It also has a non-marking guard to prevent black streaks and scuffs on furniture. .. Learn More
    10. Bissell BigGreen Commercial Upright Deep Cleaner BG10

      Bissell BigGreen Commercial Upright Deep Cleaner BG10

      "Carpets are a great addition to your home décor, they warm a home by adding color, pattern and texture as well. While a regular vacuum cleaner provides a first line of defense against the stubborn dirt and grit that can damage the carpet fibers, you need a carpet cleaner to keep them looking their best. Here is a commercial grade carpet cleaner that you can use in your home, one that has been tested and designed to clean better, dry faster and make cleaning more efficient. It’s the Bissell 10N2 Big Green Machine Commercial Carpet Extractor, BG10. The distinguishing factors of this carpet cleaning system include flow indicator monitors for water and solution levels, two motors, one exclusively for suction power and another for the brush roll and removable clean and dirty water tanks. Why would you want to rent a professional-quality steam cleaner from a rental center anymore? With rental fees and the price of cleaning solutions, you could end up spending much more on the long run. Instead, simply buy this lightweight yet powerful carpet cleaning system for your home, it weighs only about 40 lbs and stores quite compactly as well, as it features a fold down handle.

      Learn More

    Results 11 - 20 of 73

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