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    Who wants to spend hours every week cleaning house? No one wants to live in a messy environment every day as well. Buying a vacuum cleaning system can be a great move to tackle the dust in your home. Even if you are frustrated that your lackluster machine is not doing the trick quickly and effectively, you can select from newer vacuums that are more powerful and efficient. You can even find replacement parts for your older vacuums so you can get them running to their optimal performance levels soon. It is recommended that you choose a vacuum based on your cleaning frequency, the style that suits your vacuuming needs, and any special features that you are seeking. Studies have proved that living in a clean home can reduce stress levels considerably. Buy vacuums online and tackle the dirt in your home effectively.

    Uprights, canisters, small stick vac or central vacuums, the choice is yours. Uprights have more maneuverability than canisters, spinning brushes make great accessories for carpet cleaning, cordless vacs are great for cleaning but can they last through your vacuuming time? For answers to all these questions and also buying guides for vacuums so you can find the best vacuum cleaner, visit We stock a wide range of vacuums to satisfy everyones cleaning needs. Enjoy great savings on already low warehouse prices, not just that we offer free shipping on all our products. You can even find Product Diagrams for all the popular brands so you can understand the parts and the way they function before choosing vacuums for your home or office.

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    1. Hoover CH83020 Ground Command 12 Gallon Carpet Extractor
    2. Hoover S1361 Portable Canister Cleaner

      Hoover S1361 Portable Canister Cleaner

      Want a great deal on a cheap, but durable Hoover canister vacuum cleaner? Look no further! The Hoover s1361 is a great choice for you and has free shipping with a 60 day in home trial from GoVacuum. UPC 73502027622 Learn More
    3. Samsung 5100C Comact Air Canister Vacuum Cleaner

      Samsung 5100C Comact Air Canister Vacuum Cleaner

      Samsung is back with their new Air Compact canister vacuum cleaner series. The new Model 5100C is a compact, but yet extremely powerful straigh suction canister vacuum cleaner. Boasting a quiet, yet powerful 1300 Watt 12 Amp motor, the Samsung Air canis Learn More
    4. Samsung DigiMax Canister Vacuum With Electric Nozzle

      Samsung DigiMax Canister Vacuum With Electric Nozzle

      Product Features - Motorized rotating brush lifts deep down dirt while gently grooming the carpet - Fingertip Control Turns Beater Bar off For Bare Floors - Adjust the power down to clean draperies, upholstery, and area rugs - 1 Year Parts & Labor Warrant Learn More
    5. Samsung Full Size Canister Vacuum Model VAC7910RP

      Samsung Full Size Canister Vacuum Model VAC7910RP

      The Samsung VAC7910RP is a full size canister vacuum cleaner with an electric power nozzle for cleaning wall to wall carpets and rugs. The advantages to having an electric power nozzle are the rotating brushes clean carpets and rugs much better then mod Learn More
    6. Samsung Lightweight HEPA Compact Canister Vacuum Model 5115G

      Samsung Lightweight HEPA Compact Canister Vacuum Model 5115G

      Samsung Lightweight HEPA Canister w/ Cyclonic Dirt Separator. This Samsung canister is great for college rooms or small apartments. Model 5115G Learn More
    7. Samsung Mid-Size Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Metal Telescoping Wands

      Samsung Mid-Size Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Metal Telescoping Wands

      Samsung has been known for its stylish and powerful vacuum cleaners that deliver stellar performance. They are the ideal choice in the busy home of an active family. The Samsung 4010B canister vacuum is an excellent midsize canister equipped with metal telescoping wands, variable speed motor control and many more features. With its great suction power and attachments, it can help tackle cleaning of your home to deal with the disorder which day-to-day living brings to your home. It features 1200 Watt maximum power and easily adjusts to your height while you use it, making it a versatile cleaner.

      Improved cleaning and long lasting power, are you looking for a vacuum cleaning system which provides that? You may not realize it, but buying the best vacuum cleaning system for your home is one of the hardest home purchases as you have to consider your home size, cleaning needs and budget before you choose one. At GoVacuum, we want to help you through this process and that’s why we provide you with all the information that you need to know about buying a vacuum cleaner. Evaluate what you need from your cleaner and know your accessories, visit today!

      Product Features: • 1200 Watt Maximum power • Lightweight crush proof hose • Variable speed • Metal Telewand • Number of attachments

      Learn More

    8. Hoover Steam Vac Pet Carpet Shampoo Steam Vac Pet Carpet Shampoo

      Hoover Steam Vac Pet Carpet Shampoo Steam Vac Pet Carpet Shampoo

      Works With: Hoover F5805 Hoover F5851 Hoover F5855 Hoover F5859 Hoover F5837-900 Hoover F5839-900 Hoover F5865-900 Hoover F5867-900 Hoover F5868-900 Hoover F5869-900 Hoover F5869-990 Hoover F5881-900 Hoover F5884-900 Hoover F6020-900 Hoover F6020-990 Hoover F6023-900 Hoover F6024-900 Hoover F6024-960 Hoover F6055-900 Hoover F6056-900 Hoover F7205-900 Hoover F7210-900 Hoover F7220-900 Hoover F7225-900 Hoover F7425-900 Hoover F7430-900 Hoover 38613040 Description:Hoover Steam Vac Premium Pet Carpet Care Kit. Safe For All Carpet Cleaning Machines, For Easy Cleaning Of All Types Of Spots And Stains. Kit Includes: Pet Stain And Odor Wipes 30ct, Pet Stain And And Odor Remover 16oz, Premium Pet Formula Carpet And Upholstery Detergent 32oz. Specifically Formulated With Enzymes To Treat And Remove Pet Stains And Odors Learn More
    9. Hoover  Max Extract All-Terrain Carpet Washer Vacuum Cleaner

      Hoover Max Extract All-Terrain Carpet Washer Vacuum Cleaner

      The Hoover MaxExtract All Terrain Carpet Cleaner is constructed to deep clean the carpeted and hard floor surfaces in your home. DualV Nozzle technology, heated cleaning, patented SpinScrub brushes and Auto Rinse technology combine to deliver superb floor and carpet cleaning performance. The Hoover MaxExtract has the following features: All-Terrain Cleaning feature - designed to clean a variety of surfaces in your home, DualV Nozzle technology - provides equal suction across the full width of the nozzle, Heated Cleaning - applies heat directly to the floor, Patented SpinScrub brushes for carpets and hard floors - work together, scrubbing carpet fibers on all sides to gently loosen dirt, Automatic detergent mixing system - provides the correct mix of detergent and water for optimal cleaning results, Removable transparent nozzle - for quick rinse cleaning, Auto Rinse feature - rinses your carpet and hard floors, leaving less detergent residue behind. The Hoover MaxExtract includes: Hard floor package - everything you need to clean your hard floors. Includes: hard floor squeegee, SpinScrub brushes for hard floors, and large, soft wheels, Carry handle, Eight foot hose and removable tool caddy, Edge cleaners, 20' power cord, Cleaning solutions included: Floor-to-Floor and Ultra Detergents included, SpinScrub hand tool, Thirteen inch nozzle, Powerful 12-amp motor provides maximum suction and cleaning power. Learn More
    10. Hoover Platinum Carpet Cleaner F8100900

      Hoover Platinum Carpet Cleaner F8100900

      Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner. Wash with Auto Rinse, Spot cleaning, Rinse Only, Spill Pick-up. Spot finder led headlight. Dual Scrub cleaning system. Max-Extract drying technology. Heat indicator. Computerized controls. Cleaning process feedback. Fail-safe tank status indicators. 32oz. Platinum Collection Heavy Traffic detergent. Learn More

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