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    Have you ever needed to do a quick cleanup of your home and get the dust of the floor and your home organized in 10 minutes? To grab the vacuum and do the fastest cha-cha around your home might not always be possible. With time always short to lug your bulky vacuum cleaner into action, you might be seeking an alternative. Stick vacuums and electric brooms have been designed for this purpose alone. They work very similar to the vacuum cleaner but they work on rechargeable batteries and are cordless so you can clean on the go. Spilled cereal, pet hair, dirty car interiors – these are just some of the target areas of these handy cleaning systems. These stick vacuums or electric brooms are the ideal choice for a quick once-over between deep cleanings every week. It does not replace your vacuum cleaner, but only your broom.

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    From holiday spills to seasonal soil, your flooring can take a beating anytime of the year. A quick way to zap the spilled food and dust from your home is to bring home a compact stick vacuum. Discover the best stick vacuums and electric brooms online at You can read all about the cleaning system you choose and even find video reviews to make the right choice. We have all the top rated stick vacuum cleaner reviews and resources that you will need.

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    1. Eureka Boss Lite Cordless 96JZ Vacuum Cleaner
    2. Eureka 96F2 Cordless Quick-Up Stick Vacuum
    3. Eureka 96 B Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum

      Eureka 96 B Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum

      Product Details
      • Cordless/rechargeable
      • Easy-empty dust cup
      • Double-motor power
      • Clean-air system
      • Revolving brush roll
      Product Description
      Don't let a power cord put limits on your cleaning. The Eureka Boss Lite cordless vacuum supplies plenty of suction and versatility without a cumbersome, leashlike cord. Designed for quick pickup on bare floors or carpets, this bagless vacuum features a convenient dust cup for dirt collection--when it's full, just quick-release it, and dump it out. At less than five pounds, the Boss Lite is easy to lift, push, and store, and comes with its own wall-mount rack, conveniently connected to the charging plug. Fully extended, the handle makes for comfortable floor vacuuming, but you can also remove it to vacuum tight areas like closets or tidy up the stairs. A motor-driven brush roll sweeps and combs the carpet, sending particles into the path of the suction. Requiring just a few minutes to assemble, the vacuum features a powerful five-cell battery pack that's easy to remove and replace and a charge light that lets you know when the vacuum's fully juiced. Eureka also includes a bare floors/carpet switch, a built-in Edge Kleener for vacuuming near walls and furniture, and a motor filter inside the dust cup. --Emily BedardClean hard-to-reach places with ease using this vacuum that converts from a stick vac to a cordless vac. The Eureka Quick Up cordless vacuum provides grab and go convenience with a powerful 6-volt motor and a motor-driven brush roll that lets you clean carpet and bare floors easily. Learn More
    4. Eureka 96F2 Cordless Quick-Up Stick Vacuum

      Eureka 96F2 Cordless Quick-Up Stick Vacuum

      Eureka 96F2 Cordless Quick-Up Stick Vacuum Learn More
    5. Black Lightweight Bagless Cordless Vacuum, Convertible (EUK96DZ)
    6. Eureka 96DZ Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

      Eureka 96DZ Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

      For carpets, stairs and upholstery. Ideal for quick pick-ups or cleaning smaller spaces. 4 pounds and cordless, this vacuum cleans up quickly and converts to a Hand Vac to tackle smaller messes. The Motorized On/Off Brushroll easily switches between car Learn More
    7. Eureka 96H Quick-Up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick & Hand Vacuum Cleaner with Brush Motor for Carpets.
    8. Eureka Quick-Up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum with Bonus Filter, 96HX

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