Lindhaus Diamante 300 Upright Vacuum

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    Dynamically engineered for performance, filtration, and a lightweight design - the Lindhaus Diamante 300 Upright Vacuum epitomizes the phrase, "quality doesn't cost, it pays."

    The Lindhaus Diamante 300 Upright Vacuum features a two motor system designed promoting cleaning diversity. The Diamante 300 is capable of performing equally as well on carpets as bare floors, by granting the consumer the ability to turn the roller brush on / off allowing a seamless transition from upright to canister cleaning.

    There are optional roller covers that consumers can purchase to further take advantage of the innovative capabilities of the Lindhaus Diamante 300 Upright Vacuum. The felt roller cover will allow the user to clean and polish hard wood floors and the roller cover with squeegee is exceptional for all other bare floor cleaning.

    The Lindhaus Diamante 300 Upright Vacuum is also capable of becoming a dry carpeting cleaning system. By installing the a simple converter, the Lindhaus will dry clean your carpets and area rugs with the utmost of ease. Dry cleaning is a more advantageous than using a wet system. Wet systems never fully extract the same amount of water introduced into the carpeting. The excess water creates an environment more susceptible for mold formation and dust mites.

    The Lindhaus Diamante 300 Upright Vacuum features a fantastic five stage hospital grade filtration system. This type of high quality filtration captures dust, allergens, and debris from recirculating into the air, ensuring cleaner more breathable air within the home. The Lindhaus has added versatility by allowing users to choose the type of filtration that is more suitable for their individual needs, such as, HEPA filtration for the highest form of particle collection or a carbon filtration for gases and odors.

    The Lindhaus Diamante 300 Upright Vacuum is equipped with protective sensors which detects if the brushroll becomes jammed and if the height of the roller brush is set at an incorrect level. Diamante 300 also has a soft start vacuum suction motor, allowing the motor to gradually build up to full strength. The sensors and the soft start system all play a huge role in promoting longevity with the vacuum and ensure more efficient cleaning of the home.

    With great specifications and features, such as, a powerful 930 watt vacuum motor - producing 102.8 CFM's of airflow, 35 ft power cord, 68.6 decibel rating for quiet operation, full bag indicator, 4.5 liter vacuum bag capacity, 12 inch cleaning width, and lightweight 16 lbs vacuum design, the Lindhaus Diamante 300 Upright Vacuum is an excellent cleaning system choice for any consumer's home.

    Lindhaus Diamante The Lindhaus Diamante Vacuum cleaner is a product that no house should lack. The Lindhaus Diamante 300 vacuum cleaner is one of the latest models to be introduced into the market. The vacuum cleaner weighs a total of 16 pounds and it is an upright vacuum type that has 12 inches of cleaning width. Lindhaus 300 vacuum cleaner is electronically controlled and uses less power thus making it energy efficient. The vacuum cleaner has been designed in a way where the user controls the stress on the monitors where he or she gets to regulate the power amount to be applied only making use of the required power required to properly deal with the job at hand. With this new vacuum cleaner, users will not need to suction or brush hard on light surfaces, this new energy conserving feature has seen the electric bills drop quite significantly. The best Lindhaus diamante vacuum cleaner has been fit with an 8.9 amp suction motor and a 1.4 amp brush motor which produce enough power to do hardcore cleaning. Lindhaus Diamante Review Lindhaus diamante 300 vacuum cleaner is a new two motor multi-functional vacuum that has a very high efficiency filtration. The vacuum cleaner has very low noise levels and it is quite lightweight in design. The vacuum cleaner has an all-terrain vacuum design that makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to clean each and every surface in the house and can be used for dry-cleaning both carpets and rugs. The Lindhaus 300 vacuum cleaner is a high value upright fit with HEPA filtration making it the best cleaning machine perfect for all that suffer from allergies. Lindhaus Diamante electronic is the lightest two motor Upright cleaner that has ever been manufactured. It has also been designed with a patented weight distribution system which has seen the handle weight be quite low. According to sources within the vacuuming machines industry, this particular vacuum cleaner has been subjected to rigorous vertical and horizontal impact tests that have made the Lindhaus 300 vacuum cleaner have tremendous strength and is quite reliable. Another Lindhaus vacuum review suggests that due to its unique design, the Lindhaus 300 vacuum cleaner is capable of achieving a number of functions such as; vacuum cleaning, electric broom, dry cleaning system and above the floor cleaner. It’s extremely low profile makes it possible for the user to control the filtration level from 3M Filtrete micro-filter all the way up to S-Class HEPA and even Carbon Active Filter. The Lindhaus Diamante 300 vacuum cleaner has a 12” brush which makes it very easy to get under kitchen cabinets. This wide brush makes it possible for the user to use minimal time to vacuum! The vacuum cleaner has been fit with attachment hose hooks on the handle; this makes sure that the hooks are above the cord storage making the vacuum cleaner and easy to use machine. The Lindhaus Diamante 300 cleaning tools are featured on the machine and users can access them whenever they need them. The vacuum cleaner comes with the usual tools; deluxe stretch hose, dusting brush and the telescopic cleaning wand. Users can choose from two different roller covers! The felt roller cover has been designed for cleaning and polishing wooden floors and the roller cover with squeegee has been designed for the hard floors. Lindhaus Diamante 300 Vacuum Cleaner Specs Powerful 930 motor watts 8.9 Amp usage 79” water lift 102.8 CFM Standard Full-bag indicator Electronic Motor Protection 4.5 lt Bag capacity Standard 3M Filtrete Micro-filter S-Class HEPA Filter Carbon Active Filter 35 Feet Cord Length
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