Sebo X4 9570AM GVEFE White Upright Vacuum

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    Sebo X4 9570AM GVEFE White Upright Vacuum is an upright vacuum which includes the 1991AM 3 piece attachment kit. The 1991AM attachment kit is being offered with the Sebo X4 9570AM GVEFE White Upright Vacuum, making it an upright vacuum called by as the "Every Floor Edition." The 1991AM attachment kit includes a 20 inch extension wand, 9ft extension hose, and a parquet floor nozzle. With this bonus attachment kit, the Sebo X4 9570AM GVEFE White Upright Vacuum can match the performance of any canister on bare surface floors and still deliver the fantastic agitation on any grade of carpets.

    The 9570AMGVEFE's roller brush automatically adjusts to varying degrees of carpet with the sensors which detect the thickness or pile of the carpet and adjusts accordingly. If an obstruction or blockage occurs, the Sebo X4 9570AM GVEFE White Upright Vacuum will automatically shut itself off allowing the user to remove the blockage and protecting the motor, which will also prolong longevity.

    The Sebo X4 9570AM GVEFE White Upright Vacuum filters 99.99% of all particles within the airflow of the vacuum. The Filtration system is Hospital Grade and designed to offer consumers superb filtration and the filters have been designed to maximize airflow so the upright will maintain it's suction power throughout it's usage.

    This 16.7 lbs upright is easy to push, and has a low cleaning profile, so when laid flat to the floor the upright has a clearance of 5.5 inches. This allows for easy cleaning underneath beds and various furniture.

    The X4 has a ready-to-use integrated hose and wand system which is easily holstered on the side of the upright. Consumers can easily remove and use to perform the above-the-floor cleaning with ease, especially with the easy to reach on board attachments. The standard hose length is 6 ft, with the wand extending 2 feet, giving a 8 ft reach total. With purchasing the "Every Floors Edition," you will get increase the hose and wand reach as much as 15 feet total. Couple that with the 40 foot power cord, and you have an amazing 55 ft cleaning radius.

    Vacuum Specifications

    • Vacuum Weight: 16.7 lbs
    • 69 Decibels of Quiet Operation
    • 40 foot Power Cord
    • 1.4 Gallons Vacuum Bag Capacity
    • 1300 Motor Wattage
    • 103.8 CFM or 92 inches of Water Lift are the Power Ratings
    • On the Non Wearable parts, Motor, and Labor Charges there's a 5 Year Warranty
    • Lifetime warranty on the Belt

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