Still family-owned and operated, Miele is very serious when it comes to manufacturing the best vacuum cleaners in the world, but they're equally dedicated to providing the best possible customer service under the sun. In unity with this tradition, Miele carefully selects a limited number of vacuum dealers with excellent reputations for superior sales and service to become Miele Diamond Dealers, and Go Vacuum is proud to have earned the prestigious opportunity to represent the famous German designer with Diamond Dealer status. Sales and service associates at Miele Diamond Dealers prove their exceptional knowledge of the complete Miele product line by passing a stringent series of tests created and administrated by the company, and Diamond Dealers are able to offer a wide range of distinctive models and remarkable deals that aren't available anywhere else. If you're preparing to purchase a Miele vacuum cleaner and you choose a retailer other than Go Vacuum, make sure they're a Diamond Dealer before you buy. Check out our latest offerings.

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