Sharp has built a worldwide reputation on developing products that enhance your quality of life - and these new air purifiers do just that. The FP-N40CX and FP-N60CXcombine passive air filtration with active air treatment to help clear the air of pollen and many airborne irritants. As a result, Sharp's air purifiers go beyond conventional systems - and help many of those who are affected by dust or allergens. Both of these new air purifiers are armed with a Pre-Filter to catch dust and dirt, a washable Active Carbon Filter to remove common household odors, and a True HEPA filter to capture airborne particles. And each comes complete with Sharp's exclusive Plasmacluster technology, the air purification system that actively emits positive and negative ions which spread throughout the room. Plasmacluster technology has been acclaimed by academic societies throughout the world for its advanced quality and has received many awards, including the Takagi Award from the Society of Non-Traditional Technology.


    Exclusive to Sharp, Plasmacluster technology causes positively and negatively charged ions to be released into the air. These ions are unstable and are immediately surrounded by water molecules. The resulting clusters, which we call Plasmaclusters, spread throughout the room, attaching to airborne particles and molecules. The Plasmacluster system treats the air in your home in a manner similar to the way nature cleans the environment. Sharp's Plasmacluster Air purifiers help in the elimination of pet odors, cigarette smoke and kitchen smells. They improve the air in the room. TRIPLE FILTRATION MEANS TRIPLE CLEAN AIR SHARP PLASMACLUSTER AIR PURIFIERS keep the air in your home fresh and clean via three filters that fight dust, pollen and second-hand smoke. The pre-filter is designed to capture dust and dirt, the Active Carbon Filter removes chronic household odors, and the True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles (as small as 0.3 microns) in the air that passes through it - and has an antibacterial-coated layer for additional protection. Equally important, the triple-filtration system is so efficient, the HEPA and Active Carbon filters will last up to five years, depending upon use and room conditions. The FP-N40CX and FP-N60CX are easy to operate and effortless to maintain. Both models include Sharp's odor sensor for automatic operation; the FP-N60CX also comes with a dust sensor for addtiional protection against the most common household allergens. And each of these powerful air purifiers is packaged with an intuitive remote control. SHARP'S NEW AIR PURIFIERS ARE IDEAL FOR ANY ROOM of the home, because they combine powerful passive filtration with an award-winning proactive system that hunts for odors and airborne microorganisms. It's a breakthrough combination - and it's from Sharp, a world leader in life-enhancing products.