Why are Miele Vacuum Cleaners 1 choice for allergy sufferers

    While other vacuum manufacturers also claim their machines remove airborne allergens and other debris down to .3 microns, allergy sufferers consistently select Miele vacuum cleaners because Miele systems have repeatedly bested the competition by removing hundreds, and sometimes thousands(!), of times the particulate matter left behind by other machines. The secret is Miele's superior engineering. The powerful Miele Vortex motor system is specially sealed and suspended within the vacuum's body for superb filtering and outstanding noise reduction, and top HEPA class filtration is aboard as well as highly refined pre-motor and post-motor filters in most models. The dust-free dust bag replacement system offers the cleanest bag service experience in the vacuum industry, and Miele models are always premium picks in journals and periodicals devoted to allergy sufferers and clean air. If allergy protection is important to you, look at Miele—allergy sufferers from around the globe swear the machines are worth their weight in gold. Miele Allergy Fighting Capabilities in the News:
    The Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute conducted research comparing a Miele vacuum cleaner to nine leading vacuum cleaners. Test results show the Miele Sealed System Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filter captures hundreds to thousands times more fine particles. --JA&WMA, May 1998

    Miele Vacuum is Top Rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine, and recommended for allergy sufferers!

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