Introducing ZVac Bags and Filters!


We at GoVacuum feel it’s not always about what you do in life, but what you’re made of. We feel the same way about vacuum bags and filters. The collection of dirt and filtering of airborne particles are extremely important, but equally important, is the composition of materials that form the vacuum bags and filters. That is why GoVacuum has created ZVac.

The ZVac brand will offer bags and filters made of biodegradable, earth-friendly materials, which will have the least amount of negative impact on the environment. These bags and filters provide multiple layers of filtration that maximize the reduction of airborne particulates and allow your vacuum to maintain optimum air-flow while dirt is being collected.

For every 500 packages of ZVac bags and filters manufactured, we have planted a tree in the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil, and will continue to do so.

ZVac bags and filters are designed and engineered in the United States by GoVacuum. Made in China.

ZVac Offers

*Hypoallergenic - ZVac products are specifically designed to significantly filter and reduce dust, debris, particulates, and other potential airborne particles within the home.

*OEM Standards - ZVac ensures that every product is produced to the exact Manufacturer’s specifications, for quality, size, and installation.

*Earth Friendly - GoVacuum’s main purpose is to produce biodegradable, earth friendly products of the highest quality.

*Great Value - ZVac provides high quality, earth-friendly products at a fraction of the price of the manufacturer’s and other popular generic companies.

*High Quality - ZVac guarantees every filter and bag is designed with the utmost attention to detail, meeting exact manufacturing and filtering specifications. 

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