ZVac (20 Bags + 8 Filters Compatible Vacuum Bags/Filters Replacement for Miele GN Airclean Vacuum Bags. Fits All Miele Vacuum Cleaners

by ZVac

Brand: ZVac


  • PREMIUM PRODUCT: Generic (20 Bags + 8 Filter) Generic Miele g/n vacuum bags filter most all the dust particles in the air, this allows for the highest level of efficiency when vacuuming. Miele g/n bags are designed to give complete full bag capacity and has an automatic bag closure just like OEM Miele GN bags.
  • Miele gn airclean vacuum bags close when the bag is being changed to prevent dust from escaping as the bag. The Miele gn vacuum bag is engineered to provide excellent filtration. The air discharged when using these miele gn airclean bags is actually cleaner than normal room air.
  • Our generic Miele GN Hyclean vacuum bags are easy to replace and high quality. The ZVac premium generic version of The Miele gn airclean are made of cloth HEPA like materials and excellent for allergy and asthma sufferers. The bags and filters reduce dust, pollen and pollution from being expelled in your home.
  • Zvac brand Miele gn replacement dustbags are designed to fit the following miele models: s400i-s456i, s600-s658, s800-s858, s5000-s5999 & other vacuum using the G/N bag style.
  • Please note: These are Generic Miele g/n bags & Filter Replacements. This is not an OEM product and is not covered under any manufacturer's warranty.

Details: The process used to manufacture these ZVac generic miele gn airclean bags, consists of duplicating the genuine miele vacuum dustbag as much as possible. We do the same for our generic motor protection filter and our generic AirClean exhaust filter that ensures maximum hygiene clean for your home. Our Miele vacuum bags are developed to help reduce the amount of fine dust in room: the replacement of all three of these components guarantees the filtration of the fine dust. The Miele gn filterbags close automatically when the vacuum is opened to prevent dust from escaping as your replacing the Miele gn hepa bag. Thanks to the locking system integrated in these ZVac bags, no dust is missed by our ZVac brand replacement Miele gn hepa filter dustbags.

The ZVac brand is compatible with Miele gn Airclean 3d efficiency dust bags made for several series of canister vacuum cleaners by Miele.

Replaces These Miele GN Bag part numbers: 09338530, 07189520, 05588940, C204, P204, 03944710,05588941 and 10123210.

Fits these models: Miele GN Airclean vacuum bags compact C1 Capri, C1 Delphi, C1 Olympus, C1 Titan, C3 Alize, C3 Calima, C3 Cat Dog, C3 Kona, S2120 Delphi, S2120 Olympus, S2121 Capri, S2121 Delphi, S2121 HomeCare, S2121 Olympus, S2180 Atlantis, S2180 & S2181 Titan, Miele gn airclean vacuum bags s400i series Profi, S428i, S444i White Pearl, S5210 & S5211 Ariel, S5280 Callisto, S5280 Pisces, S5281 Callisto, S5281 Europa, S5281 Jubilee, S5281 Libra, S5281 Pisces, S5381 Celebration, S5381 Gemini, S5381 Leo, S5481 Earth, S5580 Aquarius, S5980 Capricorn, S5981 Capricorn, S658 Blue Moon, S8380 Cat & Dog, S8390 Calima, S8390 HomeCare, S8390 Kona, S8590 Alize, S8590 Marin, S8990 UniQ & all other models using Miele Hyclean gn vacuum bags ( note these are generic bags, not OEM ). These bags replace all Miele GN airclean vacuum bags c3, Miele G/N ( including older style paper bags that we're known as just Miele G bags or Miele N bags.

Package Dimensions: 12.9 x 11.3 x 3.6 inches

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