10 Electrolux U Upright Vacuum Bags by ZVac; Allergy Paper Filtered Vacuum Cleaner Bags fits Electrolux Vacs; Replaces Type U OEM GermGrabber TM Genuine Bags by Electrolux

by Govacuum.com
  • This listing contains 10 Electrolux Discovery type "U" upright vacuum cleaner bags.
  • These Electrolux U upright multi-ply bag are microlined bags which have an inner liner of electrostatically charged filter material which captures airborne allergens.
  • Also included on these upright Electrolux U bags are a rubber gasket, or seal around the hole in the top of the vacuum bag which helps seal the bag to the vacuum cleaner.
  • Fits all Electrolux Discovery Series upright models including; Discovery I, Discovery II, Discovery III, ProLux models, as well as Electrolux Epic uprights.
  • We also sell these Electrolux U bags on Amazon in a 3, 6, 10, 15 & 25 package!
  • These upright Electrolux U vacuum bags are generic bags by the ZVac Brand. These Electrolux U upright bags are made by GoVacuum - right here in Virginia in the heartland of America!

    We at GoVacuum are proud to offer our very own brand, the ZVac brand, of superior vacuum bags.

    Most Vacuum bags are standard 1 ply bags which provide decent performance in filtering particles. These type Electrolux U ZVac brand vacuum bags feature a 2 ply design in addition to providing micro-filtration technology capturing an amazing 99.7% of lung damaging airborne particles and debris.

    These upright Electrolux U bags filter about 3 times better than the standard vacuum bags!

    We have also designed these Electrolux U bags to meet the exact OEM specifications for installation, while exceeding quality, and to be produced with earth friendly paper and cardboard materials in order to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Above and beyond that for every 500 packages of ZVac Electrolux U upright bags we produce and sell in the USA, we have a tree planted.

    We strive to make the best Electrolux U bags on the market today, so remember when it's time to replace your upright Electrolux U upright bags it's crucial you look for the quality ZVac vacuum bags.

    These Electrolux U bags fits the following models of upright Electrolux vacuum cleaners: 
    1770, U112A, U112B, U112C, 1719, U110A, U110B, U110P, U155D, U155C, U110Y, U147A, U147D, U155A, U155B, 2500, 2500SR, 3000,3500, 3500R, 3500SR, 3000SR, D2, D3, DIII, DII, 4000, U140B, U140C, U156A, U147E, 147F, 1717C, 1747, U111A, U136B, U160A, U139A & others!

    These Electrolux U upright bags also fits these series of Electrolux upright vacuums: 
    Electrolux Discovery, Electrolux Regency, Electrolux Epic, Electrolux Advantage, Electrolux Genesis, Electrolux 3000, Electrolux 6000, Electrolux 4000, Commercial, Elux Xtreme, and Prolux Uprights.

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