4 Dirt Devil F15 HEPA Filter Generic Part By ZVac. Replaces Part Numbers F-15, 1-SS0150-000, 3-SS0150-001, 1SS0150000 Fits: Extreme Quick Vac M084505, Easy Clean UD40045, Easy Lite Quick Vacuum UD4023

by Govacuum.com

Key Features

  • This is a 4 package of premium generic replacement HEPA Filter by ZVac. This replaces the original OEM Dirt DevilF15 HEPA Filter & replaces part numbers F-15, 1-SS0150-000, 1ss0150001, 3-SS0150-001, 1SS0150000
  • Premium generic HEPA Filter fits these series of Dirt Devil vacuums: Dirt Devil Extreme Quick Vac M084505, Easy Clean UD40045, Easy Lite Quick Vacuum UD40230, Vibe Quick Vac M084510 & other vacuums using F15 HEPA Filter
  • Fits these models: Extreme Quick Vac M084506 Easy Clean UD40045, Express UD40255, Extreme Quick Vac UD40030, Vibe Lite M084510, Vibe Quick Vac M084500V, Easy Clean UD40050, Vibe Lite M084501, Vibe Quick Vac 084500V, Easy Lite Quick Vacuum D40230, Easy Lite Quick Vacuum 40230, Extreme Quick Vac M084505, Extreme Quick Vac UD40035, Extreme Quick Vac 40195
  • Also Fits These Models: Extreme Quick Vac M084506, Extreme Quick Vac UD40030, Extreme Quick Vac M084506, Vibe Quick Vac UD40050, Vibe Quick Vac UD40195, Vibe Quick Vac UD40230, Extreme Quick Vac M084505, Vibe Quick Vac M084506, Vibe Quick Vac M084507, Vibe Quick Vac M084501V, Vibe Quick Vac M084505, Vibe Quick Vac UD40035, Vibe Quick Vac UD40045, Vibe Quick Vac M084510, Vibe Quick Vac UD40030, Vibe Quick Vac M084500V, Extreme Quick Vac M084506
  • This is a premium generic product made by ZVac. This is not an OEM product and is not covered under any manufacturer's warranty. ZVac is not affiliated with the manufacturer

Product Description

Zvac from GoVacuum is a filter that exceeds the original standard. This HEPA filter is better then OEM made by Dirt Devil! The f15 HEPA filter has a great seal for less air leaking and is made of excellent HEPA media. The f15 HEPA filter by Zvac is a generic replacement for Dirt Devil par number 3SS0150001AKA 3-SS0150-001. Also please note the Zvac f15 HEPA filter for vacuums is also the new filter for the old Dirt Devil part number1SS015000 AKA 1-SS015-000. Buying these high grade HEPA filters will ensure longer life of your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner as the HEPA filter will help protect the motor of your Dirt Devil. This f15 HEPA filter should be changed every 3-6 months as per Dirt Devils recommendation. BEST BUY! This listing is for 4 Zvac Dirt Devil HEPA filters style f15. Fits Dirt Devil Vacuum Models: Easy Lite Quick Vacuum - UD40230, 40230 Extreme Quick Vac -UD40195, 40195, M084506, M084505 Vibe Quick Vac - M084500V,084500V Vibe Lite - M084510 Extreme Quick Vac -UD40030, M084506

Additional Information

Item Length : 2.2

Item Height : 9.5

Item Width : 0.9

Item Weight : 8.2

Condition : New

UPC : 608939746664

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