• Austin Air HealthMate Plus Filter FR450 (White) by Austin Air

Austin Air HealthMate Plus Filter FR450 (White) by Austin Air

Brand : Austin Air

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Key Features

  • Austin Air HealthMate Plus Junior Replacement Filter (Austin Air Healthmate)

Product Description

The Austin Air HealthMate Plus Filter has all the functions and materials as the Austin Air HealthMate FR400 Filter (a combination of true medical High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter, enclosed by a carbon/zeolite mixture) plus a potassium iodide additive. This means extraordinarily clean air since the removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is amplified. A huge improvement for those suffering from chemical sensitivity or are in highly contaminated air space. Austin Air products, time after time, are rated as the best in their category during government and independent third-party testing. Austin Air utilizes commercial filter technology in addition to military and medical filter technology, to ensure the greatest protection from air pollutants such as airborne particles, chemicals, gases and odors. As the world's largest air cleaning manufacturer, they are proud to stand behind their products with the best warranty in the industry.

Additional Information

Item Length: 16.7

Item Width : 15.2

Item Height : 14.6

Item Weight : 22.2 pounds

UPC : 784497456037