Bissell 1699 7901 7920 8905 8910 Upholstery Tool, 4"


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  • Bissell 1699 7901 7920 8905 8910 Upholstery Tool, 4"

Product Description

This is an O.E.M. Authorized part. Fits various Bissell models. OEM part number 203-6653. This product is manufactured in united states.Bissell Replacement upholstery tool part by Bissell. Fits the Bissell ProHeat 2x series and the Bissell ProDry series cleaners.
This is a 4" wide cleaning tool designed to fit the following Bissell carpet deep cleaners:

Bissell ProHeat 2x
Bissell ProHeat 2x Select Pet
Bissell ProHeat 2x Select
Bissell ProHeat 2x CleanShot
AutoCare ProHeat® 1425-6, 14254, 14255, 1425D, 1425F, 1425T
Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® Deep Cleaner 86T3, 86T32, 86T38, 86T3F, 86t3Q, 86T3V
BISSELL® DeepClean Essential® Deep Cleaning System 8852, 88522, 8852T
DeepClean Complete Pet 12108
DeepClean Deluxe™ Pet Deep Cleaner 36Z9
DeepClean Lift-Off® Deep Cleaning System 66E1, 30K7, 66E1Q, 80X9, 80x9r
DeepClean Lift-Off® Deluxe Pet 24A4, 24A47, 24A48
DeepClean Lift-Off® Pet 66E12
DeepClean Premier® Deep Cleaner 47A2, 47A21, 47A22, 47A2T, 80R4
DeepClean Premier® Pet Deep Cleaner 17N4,17N43, 17N45, 17N4P, 17N4V
Lift-Off® Deep Cleaning System 94Y2, 35K3, 94y2K
Lift-Off® Deluxe Pet Deep Cleaner 73H5, 37h5k, 73H55, 73H5C, 73H5K
Lift-Off® Pet Deep Cleaner 94Y2, 27F6, 94Y2Q
Little Green® 1400B, 1400, 14001, 14003, 14004, 14005, 14007, 14008, 1400A, 1400D, 1400E, 1400G, 1400H, 1400J, 1400L, 1400T, 1400U, 1400Y, 1722S
Little Green® Compact Deep Cleaner 17201, 1720, 1720R, 1720S
Little Green® Pro 1400-A
Little Green® Pro 1400-Q
Little Green® Pro 1400-U
Little Green® ProHeat 1425-2
Little Green® ProHeat 1425-A
Little Green® ProHeat 1425-Q
Little Green® ProHeat® 14259, 1400Q, 1400R, 1400Z, 1425, 14251, 14257, 1425B, 1425C, 1425L, 1425P, 1425R, 1725R
Little Green® Proheat® Deep Reach™ Spot Cleaner 50Y6A, 50Y6, 50Y6R, 50Y6W
Little Green® ProHeat® Pet 1425-W
PowerLifter® Deep Cleaner 8806-M, 1620, 16603, 8806D
PowerLifter® PowerBrush Deep Cleaning System 1622
PowerSteamer® PowerBrush Deep Cleaner 1694-W, 1685, 1692, 1693W, 1694, 1696, 8805R, 8806S
PowerSteamer® PowerBrush Deep Cleaning System 1370, 13701, 1370R
PowerSteamer® PowerBrush Select Deep Cleaning System 1623, 16231, 1623Q, 1623R, 8806R
PowerSteamer® Pro 16971
PowerSteamer® Pro 1697-7,
PowerSteamer® Pro 1697-Q
PowerSteamer® Pro 8804-M
PROdry® 8350, 7350, 73502
PROdry® Carpet Cleaner 7350
PROdry® E600
Proheat 2X Healthy Home® Pet Deep Cleaning System 9200ZProheat 2X Healthy Home® Pet Deep Cleaning System 9200Z
Proheat 2X Premier 47A21
ProHeat 2X® CleanShot® Deep Cleaning System 9500, 20B4, 95003, 95008
PProHeat 2X® CleanShot® Professional Deep Cleaner 9500P
ProHeat 2X® Deep Cleaning System 9200A, 8920, 89203, 8920V, 8920W, 8930, 8930N, 9200, 92002, 92003, 92005, 9200B, 9200C, 9200H, 9200R, 9200T, 9200U, 9200W
ProHeat 2X® Healthy Home™ Deep Cleaning System 66Q4, 66Q42, 73A5, 92004
PROheat 2X® Multi-Surface Pet 8930U
ProHeat 2X® Pet Deep Cleaner 9200P, 92009, 9200M, 9400S
ProHeat 2X® Premier 47A23
ProHeat 2X® Select Deep Cleaning System 9400M, 89303, 8930M, 8930V, 8960, 89602, 9300, 93001, 93002, 93003, 93004, 93005, 9300B, 9300M, 9300P, 9400, 94008, 94009, 9400C, 9400H, 9400R, 9400T, 9400U, 9400Y
ProHeat 2X® Select Pet 89601
ProHeat 2X® Select Pet Deep Cleaning System 9400-3, 93007, 94004, 94005, 94006, 9400A, 9400W
PROheat 2X® Tough Stain Pet 8930N
ProHeat 2X® Turbo, 93008, 9300A, 9300C, 9300K, 9300Y
ProHeat® 79011
ProHeat® ClearView® 1699, 16991, 16995, 16997, 16998, 1699K, 1699M, 1699N, 1699P, 1699R, 1699S, 1699V, 1699X, 1699Y, 8905
ProHeat® ClearView® 7901-9, 7901, 7901B, 7901P, 7901R, 7901T, 7901X, 7920, 7920P
ProHeat® Deep Cleaning System 25A3, 16993, 25A31, 25A32, 25A3H, 25A3R, 79011, 7901H
ProHeat® Pet Deep Cleaning System 89104, 8910, 89101, 89102, 89103, 89106, 8910J, 8910W
ProHeat® Pro-Tech® 7920
ProHeat® Self Propelled 7950
ReadyClean® PowerBrush Plus 16W5
SpotBot Pet 33N8T
SpotBot® 1200-5, 1200H, 1200L, 1200Q
SpotBot® 1200-H
SpotBot® Pet 12006, 1200, 12002, 12008, 1200A, 1200B, 1200C, 1200K, 1200R, 7887
SpotBot® Pet Deep Cleaner
SpotBot® Pet Deep Cleaner 33N8-A, 33N8, 33N82, 33N88, 33N8M, 33N8Q, 33N8R, 33N8V, 78R5
SpotBot® ProHeat® Deep Cleaner 12U9-A, 12U91
SpotClean 5207A, 5207, 52071, 5207T
SpotClean Anywhere® 97491, 97498, 9749W
SpotClean Auto 7786A, 7786, 77861
SpotClean Complete® Pet 9749, 5207W
SpotClean ProHeat 52074
SpotClean Pro™ 3624, 36248
Yikes!® compact deep cleaner, 1425G
Zowie® ProHeat 2X® Pet Deep Cleaning System 9400B
Zowie™ Deep Cleaning System 9400W, 9400B


Additional Information

Item Length : 0.1

Item Height : 0.1

Item Width : 0.1

Item Weight : 0.25

Condition : New

UPC : 633556769604

Part#: 2036653

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