Bosch BBZ152HFUC HEPA Filter Formula series - Genuine - Part # 491669


Key Features

  • Bosch HEPA Filter for Formula Canisters.This rectangular black color filter measures 35mm x 185mm x 85mm.Quantity Per Package:1 Bosch vacuum cleaner HEPA Filter.Replaces BBZ152HFUC,OEM Ident No. 491669,BBZ152HF,Siemens VZ152HFB

Product Description

Fits following models-Bosch BSG7 Bosch BSG70 series including: Bosch BSG700/00 Bosch BSG7000 Bosch BSG70000 Bosch BSG71 series including: Bosch BSG71266 Pro Energy Bosch BSG71266/07 Bosch BSG71266/11 Bosch BSG71266/20 Bosch BSG7126607 Bosch BSG7126611 Bosch BSG71266GB/07 Bosch BSG71266GB/17 Bosch BSG71266GB07 Bosch BSG71266GB17 Bosch BSG71310UC/01 Bosch BSG71310UC/03 Bosch BSG71310UC/04 Bosch BSG71310UC/07 Bosch BSG71360UC/02 Bosch BSG71360UC/03 Bosch BSG71360UC/07 Bosch BSG71360UC/13 Bosch BSG71360UC02 Bosch BSG71360UC03 Bosch BSG71360UC07 Bosch BSG71360UC13 Bosch BSG71370UC/02 Bosch BSG71370UC/03 Bosch BSG71370UC/07 Bosch BSG71370UC/13 Bosch BSG71370UC02 Bosch BSG71370UC03 Bosch BSG71370UC07 Bosch BSG71370UC13 Bosch BSG71466/07 Bosch BSG71466/14 Bosch BSG7146607 Bosch BSG7146614 Bosch BSG71636/11 Bosch BSG71666/07 Bosch BSG71666/14 Bosch BSG71666/17 Bosch BSG7166607 Bosch BSG7166614 Bosch BSG7166617 Bosch BSG71668/07 Bosch BSG7166807 Bosch BSG71800 Bosch BSG71800/01 Bosch BSG71800/03 Bosch BSG71800/04 Bosch BSG71800/07 Bosch BSG7180001 Bosch BSG7180003 Bosch BSG7180004 Bosch BSG7180007 Bosch BSG71800GB/04 Bosch BSG71800GB/07 Bosch BSG71800GB04 Bosch BSG71800GB07 Bosch BSG71801/01 Bosch BSG71801/03 Bosch BSG71801/04 Bosch BSG7180101 Bosch BSG7180103 Bosch BSG7180104 Bosch BSG71810 Bosch BSG71810/01 Bosch BSG71810/03 Bosch BSG71810/04 Bosch BSG71810/07 Bosch BSG7181001 Bosch BSG7181003 Bosch BSG7181004 Bosch BSG7181007 Bosch BSG71810CH/01 Bosch BSG71810CH/03 Bosch BSG71810CH/04 Bosch BSG71810CH01 Bosch BSG71810CH03 Bosch BSG71810CH04 Bosch BSG71810GB/01 Bosch BSG71810GB/03 Bosch BSG71810GB/04 Bosch BSG71810GB/07 Bosch BSG71810GB01 Bosch BSG71810GB03 Bosch BSG71810GB04 Bosch BSG71810GB07 Bosch BSG71810IL/01 Bosch BSG71810IL/03 Bosch BSG71810IL/04 Bosch BSG71810IL01 Bosch BSG71810IL03 Bosch BSG71810IL04 Bosch BSG71825 Bosch BSG71825/01 Bosch BSG71825/03 Bosch BSG71825/04 Bosch BSG71825/07 Bosch BSG7182501 Bosch BSG7182503 Bosch BSG7182504 Bosch BSG7182507 Bosch BSG71825AU/01 Bosch BSG71825AU/03 Bosch BSG71825AU/04 Bosch BSG71825AU/07 Bosch BSG71825AU01 Bosch BSG71825AU03 Bosch BSG71825AU04 Bosch BSG71825AU07 Bosch BSG71825GB/01 Bosch BSG71825GB/03 Bosch BSG71825GB/04 Bosch BSG71825GB01 Bosch BSG71825GB03 Bosch BSG71825GB04 Bosch BSG71826/01 Bosch BSG71826/03 Bosch BSG71826/04 Bosch BSG71826/07 Bosch BSG7182601 Bosch BSG7182603 Bosch BSG7182604 Bosch BSG7182607 Bosch BSG71830 Bosch BSG71830/01 Bosch BSG71830/03 Bosch BSG71830/04 Bosch BSG71830/07 Bosch BSG7183001 Bosch BSG7183003 Bosch BSG7183004 Bosch BSG7183007 Bosch BSG71830AU/01 Bosch BSG71830AU/03 Bosch BSG71830AU/04 Bosch BSG71830AU/07 Bosch BSG71830AU01 Bosch BSG71830AU03 Bosch BSG71830AU04 Bosch BSG71830AU07 Bosch BSG71835 Bosch BSG71835/01 Bosch BSG71835/03 Bosch BSG71835/04 Bosch BSG71835/07 Bosch BSG7183501 Bosch BSG7183503 Bosch BSG7183504 Bosch BSG7183507 Bosch BSG71840/01 Bosch BSG71840/02 Bosch BSG71840/03 Bosch BSG71840/04 Bosch BSG71840/05 Bosch BSG71840/07 Bosch BSG7184001 Bosch BSG7184002 Bosch BSG7184003 Bosch BSG7184004 Bosch BSG7184005 Bosch BSG7184007 Bosch BSG71842/04 Bosch BSG71842/07 Bosch BSG71842/10 Bosch BSG71842/16 Bosch BSG7184204 Bosch BSG7184207 Bosch BSG7184210 Bosch BSG7184216 Bosch BSG71866 Bosch BSG71866/01 Bosch BSG71866/03 Bosch BSG71866/04 Bosch BSG71866/07 Bosch BSG7186601 Bosch BSG7186603 Bosch BSG7186604 Bosch BSG7186607 Bosch BSG71866AU/01 Bosch BSG71866AU/03 Bosch BSG71866AU/04 Bosch BSG71866AU/07 Bosch BSG71866AU01 Bosch BSG71866AU03 Bosch BSG71866AU04 Bosch BSG71866AU07 Bosch BSG71877/07 Bosch BSG7187707 Bosch BSG72 Series including: Bosch BSG72000 Bosch BSG72000/01 Bosch BSG72000/03 Bosch BSG72000/04 Bosch BSG72000/07 Bosch BSG72000/13 Bosch BSG72000/15 Bosch BSG72000/16 Bosch BSG7200001 Bosch BSG7200003 Bosch BSG7200004 Bosch BSG7200007 Bosch BSG7200013 Bosch BSG7200015 Bosch BSG7200016 Bosch BSG72022/01 Bosch BSG72022/03 Bosch BSG72022/04 Bosch BSG72022/07 Bosch BSG7202201 Bosch BSG7202203 Bosch BSG7202204 Bosch BSG7202207 Bosch BSG72022CH/01 Bosch BSG72022CH/03 Bosch BSG72022CH/04 Bosch BSG72022CH01 Bosch BSG72022CH03 Bosch BSG72022CH04 Bosch BSG72025GB/04 Bosch BSG72025GB/07 Bosch BSG72025GB04 Bosch BSG72025GB07 Bosch BSG72070GB/07 Bosch BSG72070GB07 Bosch BSG72077/01 Bosch BSG72077/03 Bosch BSG72077/04 Bosch BSG72077/07 Bosch BSG7207701 Bosch BSG7207703 Bosch BSG7207704 Bosch BSG7207707 Bosch BSG72200/01 Bosch BSG72200/03 Bosch BSG72200/04 Bosch BSG72200/07 Bosch BSG7220001 Bosch BSG7220003 Bosch BSG7220004 Bosch BSG7220007 Bosch BSG72200GB/11 Bosch BSG72200GB/15 Bosch BSG72200GB11 Bosch BSG72200GB15 Bosch BSG72210/15 Bosch BSG7221015 Bosch BSG72212 Bosch BSG72212/07 Bosch BSG72212/11 Bosch BSG72212/15 Bosch BSG72212/17 Bosch BSG7221207 Bosch BSG7221211 Bosch BSG7221215 Bosch BSG7221217 Bosch BSG72222/07 Bosch BSG72222/11 Bosch BSG7222207 Bosch BSG7222211 Bosch BSG72223/11 Bosch BSG72223/15 Bosch BSG7222311 Bosch BSG7222315 Bosch BSG72225 Bosch BSG72225/07 Bosch BSG72225/09 Bosch BSG72225/11 Bosch BSG72225/15 Bosch BSG72225/17 Bosch BSG7222507 Bosch BSG7222509 Bosch BSG7222511 Bosch BSG7222515 Bosch BSG7222517 Bosch BSG72225GB/07 Bosch BSG72225GB/11 Bosch BSG72225GB/15 Bosch BSG72225GB07 Bosch BSG72225GB11 Bosch BSG72225GB15 Bosch BSG72226/11 Bosch BSG7222611 Bosch BSG72227/15 Bosch BSG7222715 Bosch BSG72230/07 Bosch BSG72230/11 Bosch BSG72230/15 Bosch BSG7223007 Bosch BSG7223011 Bosch BSG7223015 Bosch BSG72233 Formula Bosch BSG72233/15 Bosch BSG7223315 Bosch BSG72233GB/11 Bosch BSG72233GB/15 Bosch BSG72233GB11 Bosch BSG72233GB15 Bosch BSG72510/07 Bosch BSG72510/18 Bosch BSG72510/19 Bosch BSG7251007 Bosch BSG7251018 Bosch BSG7251019 Bosch BSG72511/07 Bosch BSG7251107 Bosch BSG79 Series including: Bosch BSG7999 Bosch BSG79999 Bosch BSG79999 Formula Hepa Bosch BSG79999 Formula Hygienixx Bosch BSGL71266GB/07 Also fits Siemens VS07G Hygienic Power series canisters.

Additional Information

Item Length : 0.1

Item Height : 0.1

Item Width : 0.1

Item Weight : 1

Condition : New

UPC : 700953599315

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