• Electrolux 53270 12

Electrolux 53270 12" Steel Chrome Beater Bar

Brand : Electrolux

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Key Features

  • Commercial Grade Brush Roll
  • Sealed Lifetime Lubricated Ball Bearings
  • Chrome Steel Tube
  • Hex End Caps

Product Description

Eureka Sanitaire Euroclean Kent Brush Roll 12" Vibra Groomer II Ball Bearing designed to fit the following Eureka Sanitaire by Electrolux vacuum cleaner models, C2031B C2031D, C2031E, C2032A, C2032B, C2094B, C2094D, C2094E, C2094F, C2094FB, C2094G, C2094G-1, C2094G-2, C2094G-3, C2094GW, C2094H, C2094H-1, C2095A, C2194A, C2194B , S645A, S647A , S647B, S647B-1, S647D, S647E, S647E-1, S661B, S661D, S661E, S670A, S670A-1, S670A-2, S670B, S670D, S670D-, SC675A, SC684E, SC684F, SC684F-1, SC684F-2, SC684F-3, SC685G, SC688A, SC688A-1, SC695A, SC695A-1, SC695B, SC881A, SC881A-1, SC882A, SC882A-1, SC883A , SC883A-1 , SC886D, SC886E, SC886E-1, SC886E-2, SC886E-3, SC887A, SC887B, SC887B-1, SC887B, SC887B-3, SC888H, SC888H-1, SC889A

Additional Information

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