Electrolux/Eureka NUE-003 Power Nozzle Elbow for EL7020 B/BZ, EL7055 B/BZ EL7024A

by Govacuum.com

Key Features

  • Electrolux Canister Power Nozzel Elbow Coupling.
  • Fits With Electrolux : EL7020B, EL7024A, EL7055B, EL7055BZ, EL7060A.
  • Also Fits With Eurka Models : 6983A
  • Part # NUE-003A,

Product Description

This Power Nozzle Elbow fits Electrolux Canister vacuum cleaner models EL4300, EL4307, EL6988D, EL6988E, EL6988EZ, EL7020B, EL7024, EL7024A, EL7055B, EL7055BZ, PE7025, EL7057A, EL7060A, EL7062A, PE7025A Vacuums. Works with EL5, EL5A, EL12, EL12A, EL13, EL13A. Some vacuum Models which take this elbow, among others, include UltraSilencer EL7063A Powerhead Electrolux EL7083ASG Powerhead Electrolux EL4650A Electrolux Jetmaxx Powerteam Vacuum Cleaner EL4042A Electrolux UltraActive Bagless Canister EL4307A Electrolux EL4300A Ultra Active Powerhead Electrolux UltraSilencer EL7061B Electrolux UltraSilencer Powerhead EL7061A Electrolux Ultra Silencer EL7060A Electrolux Twin Clean Bagless Powerhead EL7057A Electrolux Oxygen 3 Vacuum Powerhead EL7024A Electrolux Oxygen Vacuum Powerhead EL7020B Electrolux Oxygen El6988EZ Electrolux Oxygen EL6988EZ Electrolux EL7020

Additional Information

Item Length : 0.1

Item Height : 0.1

Item Width : 0.1

Item Weight : 1

Condition : New

UPC : 635635246020

Part#: NUE-003A

Product ratings
Number of reviews: 1
Average rating : 5/5
Rogers. D
Fit as described

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