Electrolux Microlined Canister C Vacuum Bags - 15 Pack - Made by ZVac

by Govacuum.com

Key Features

  • This is a 15 package of premium generic replacement vacuum bags by ZVac. This replaces the original OEM ElectroluxCanister Style-Cvacuum bags & replaces part numbers 805, 805FP
  • Premium generic vacuum bags fits these series of Electrolux vacuums:Electroluxall Metal canister models Electrolux 1205, Electrolux Diamond Jubilee, Ultralux 2000 and Lux 9000 models, & other vacuums using Canister Style-Cvacuum bags
  • Fits these models: Electrolux Golden Jubilee, Electrolux Legacy, Electrolux Grand Marquis, Electrolux Olympia, Golden J, Electrolux 1521, Electrolux Ultralux, Silverado, Diamond Jubilee, Super J
  • Also Fits These Models: Electrolux 1401, L, E G, 1205, Ultralux Epic 6000, LE, Special Edition, Electrolux Super J, Electrolux Silverado, Electrolux Diamond Jubilee, Electrolux 1205, Grand Marquise, Marquise, Lux Legacy canister and many other models
  • This is a premium generic product made by ZVac. This is not an OEM product and is not covered under any manufacturer's warranty. ZVac is not affiliated with the manufacturer

Product Description

With vacuum cleaner bags needing replacing every one or two months, don't spend extra money for a manufacturer label. These are high quality replacement bags designed to fit all Electrolux tank model vacuum cleaners since 1952. The bags are micro-lined to capture airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and other allergens from air circulation. The micro-lining also makes these C style replacement canister vacuum bags up to 40% more effective than standard paper bags so you get the best clean possible. This product includes 15 heavy duty bags that won't rip or break. Each is made with ecofriendly materials and meet OEM standards.

Additional Information

Item Height : 12.5

Item Length :

Condition : New

UPC : 608939747371

Questions & Answers

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  • Dose it fit the Electrolux Diamond Jubilee?

    Yes it fits the Electrolux Diamond Jubilee.