Eureka 61120C, 61120G Style U Extended Life belts 2-Pack

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Key Features

  • OEM Part Number:61120C.
  • Quantity Per Package: 2-Pack
  • Replaces part numbers 61120A and 61120B. 61120D, 61120F, 61120G, 611208, 611206, 61120F-12, 61120D-12. Also Fits GE-Walmart Models 106585,106575,GE5500,GE5550.

Product Description

Eureka Extended U, EXT-U Vacuum Cleaner belt for models:

Eureka Upright Models AS1000 thru AS2030, AS1000-AS2030, AS3000-AS3020 (excluding AS3008A and AS3011A), AS4010-AS4030, AS1048, AS1049A, ASM1020-ASM1070, AS3001, 2903A, 2904AZ, 2905A, 2920A, 2924AS, 2924AV, 2926AV, 2940AV, 2940AVE, 2941AVZ, 2961AVZ, 2961BVZ, 2961TUR, 2970A, 2971AV, 2971BVZ, 2972AV, 2973AVZ, 2975, 2975AYZE, 2976AVZ, 2977AV, 2981A, 2981AV, 2981AVZ, 2981BVZ, 2991AVZ, 2993AV, 2996AVZ, 2996BVZ, 2996DVZ, 2997AZ, 2997BVZ, 2998AZ, 2998BZ, 2999AVZ, 2999BV, 2999DVZ, 3041AQU, 3041AZ, 3041BZ, 3041RED, 3271AVZ, 3276AVZ, 3276AZ, 3276BVZ, 3277AVZ, 3279AZ, 3281AZ, 3282AVZ, 4235AZ, 4236AZ, 4238AZ, 4239AZ, 4333A, 4336ATH, 4336BTH, 4390A, 4393A, 4393B, 4458A, 4459AS, Eureka Victory Model 4467AV, Eureka Victory Model 4467AV-1, 4468A, 4495A-1, 4498AS, 4499A, 4499B, 4689, 4700A, 4700B, 4700D, 4701AZ, 4702A, 4703A, 4703B, 4703BLU, 4703D, 4704A, 4704BLM, 4704BLU, 4704FRD, 4704L, 4704LMP, 4704LTA, 4704ONG, 4704P, 4704PE, 4704PNK, 4704PUR, 4704T, 4704TE, 4709AZ, 4710AV, 4711AZ, 4711BZ, 4712AZ, 4716AVZ, 4718AVZ, 4750A, 4751AZ, 4752A, 4760AZ, 5197B, 5550A, 5740A, 5810A, 5811A, 5812A, 5813AV, 5815AV, 5840A, 5840AV, 5841A, 5841AS, 5841AV, 5841BV, 5842AV, 5843AV, 5843AZ, 5844AV, 5844AZ, 5845A, 5846AH, 5847AV, 5847AVX, 5847AZ, 5847BV, 5848AV, 5848AVZ, 5850AZ, 5851AN, 5851AV, 5855AN, 5855AZ, 5855BZ, 5856AV, 5856BV, 5856BVZ, 5856DVZ, 5856DVZE, 5857AZ, 5859ASZ, 5860AVH-1, 5860AVZ, 5860BVZ, 5863AVS, 5892AZ, 8802AVZ, 8802AVZ-1, 8803AVZ, 8803AVZ-1, 8803BVZ, 8806AVZ, 8806AVZ-1, Capture 8806BVZ, 8806BVZ-1, 8807AVZ, 8807AVZ-1, 8811AVZ, Capture+ Pet Lover 8852AVZ, In-Reach 8810AVZ, C4571A, C5712A, C5712A-1, HP5505A, HP5555A, R2900A, R2901A, SurfaceMax 300
Sanitaire Upright Models SC5713A, SC5713A-1, SC5713A-2, SC5713A-3, SC5713B, SC5815A, SC5815A-1, SC5815A-2, SC5815B, SC5845A, SC5845A-1, SC5845A-2, SC5845B, Power Plus and Boss Power Plus.

Additional Information

Item Length :6.7

Item Width :5.3

Item Height : 0.6

Item Weight : 1.1 ounces

Condition : New

Part#: 61120G-12

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