Eureka End Cap Rubber for Small Hex End Cap Cover


Key Features

  • This is an O.E.M. Authorized part
  • Fits various eureka models
  • Oem part number 26059a
  • This is a Eureka replacement part

Product Description

TFits Electrolux/Eureka/Sanitaire vacuum cleaner models

1934AGS,C2031D, C2031E, C2032B, C2094D,
C2094E, C2094F, C2094FB, C2094G, C2094G-1,
C2094G-2, C2094G-3, C2094GW, C2094H, C2094H-1,
C2132A, C2132B, C2132B-1, C2132B-2, C2132B-3,
C2133A, C2194A, C2194B, C4046E, C4046F,
C4046F-1, C4047A, S607D, S607D-1, S634A,
S634A-1, S634A-2, S634D, S634D-1, S639A,
S647A, S647B, S647B-1, S647D, S647E,
S647E-1, S657A, S661B, S661E, S663A,
S663B, S663D, S670A, S670A-1, S670A-2,
S670B, S677A, S677A-1, S677A-2, S677B,
S677D, S677D-1, , S9020A, SC675A, SC678A-1,
SC679H, SC679J-1, SC679J-2, SC679J-3, SC679JGS,
SC679JGS-1, SC684E, SC684F, SC684F-1, SC684F-2,
SC684F-3, SC688A, SC688A-1, SC689A, SC689A-1,
SC689A-2, SC689A-3, SC695A, SC695A-1, SC881A,
SC881A-1, SC882A, , SC882A-1, SC883A, SC883A-1,
SC886E, SC886E-1, SC886E-2, SC886E-3, SC887B,
SC887B-1, SC887B-2, SC887B-3, SC888E, SC888F,
SC888G, SC888G-1, SC888H, SC888H-1, SC888J,
SC888J-1, SC888K, SC889A, SC899E, SC899E-2,
SC899F &, SC9050A

Additional Information

Item Length : 0.1

Item Height : 0.1

Item Width : 0.1

Item Weight : 0.02

Condition : New

UPC : 605930745887

Part#: 26059A

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