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Hoover 42272174 tank cap assembly

Brand : Hoover

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Key Features

  • Fits all 42272104 Gray, New-style Hoover Tank Repair Kits
  • Fits all models regardless of date of production but ONLY fits on new-style tank,
  • Part Number: 42272174
  • Includes 1 Cap

Product Description

Fits Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaning machine models: F7205-900, F72059, F7205900, F7205910, F7205-910, F7205-960, F7205960, F7205-970, F7205970, F7210-900, F72109, F7210900, F7220-900, F72209, F7220900, F7221900, F72219, F7221-900, F7225-900, F72259, F7225900, F7226-900, F72269, F7226900, F7425-900, F74259, F7425900, F7426-900, F74269, F7426-900, F7430-900, F74309, F7430-900, F7431-900, F74319, F7431-900, F7431-950, F7431950, F7440-980, F74409, F7440980, F7441-980 F74419, F7441-980, F7443-940, F74439, F7443940 (not a complete list). Part Number: 42272174.

Additional Information

Condition : New

UPC : 616469464217