Hoover 43143046 Idler Arm,U6630

by Govacuum.com

Key Features

  • Hoover HOOVER 43143046 ACTUATOR ARM,U6630
  • Part#: 440007534

Product Description

Fits these machines: U6436- Hoover SelfPropelled WindTunnel TurboPower Bagged, U6437- Hoover WindTunnel, U6476- Hoover Self Propelled WindTunnel Bagged, U6449- Hoover WindTunnel, U6401- Hoover WindTunnel, U6450- Hoover WindTunnel Bagged Upright, UH60010- Hoover Windtunnel Self-Propelled Bagless Upright, U5068- Hoover Upright, U6435- Hoover WindTunnel, U5061- Hoover Upright, U6458- Hoover WindTunnel, U6617- Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Upright, U6618- Hoover Upright, U6433- Hoover WindTunnel, U6445- Hoover Self Propelled WindTunnel, U6459- Hoover WindTunnel, U6630- Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Upright, U6637- Hoover Upright, U6429- Hoover WindTunnel, U6471- Hoover Self Propelled WindTunnel, UH60000- Hoover Windtunnel Self-Propelled Bagless Upright, U6432- Hoover WindTunnel, U6441- Hoover WindTunnel, U6446- Hoover Self Propelled WindTunnel, U6607- Hoover Self-Propelled WindTunnel Bagless, U5062- Hoover Upright, U6616- Hoover Self Propelled WindTunnel Bagless, U6453- Hoover Upright, U6470- Hoover WindTunnel, U6434- Hoover WindTunnel Self-Propelled Ultra Bagged, U6600-

Additional Information

Item Length : 6.7

Item Height : 0.7

Item Width : 4.1

Item Weight : 1.1 ounces

Condition : New

UPC : 743841155057

Part#: 440007534

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