Hoover Upright 16 Inch Extension Wand -Part # 38634078

by Govacuum.com

Key Features

  • Hoover Upright 16 Inch Extension Wand -Part # 38634078

Product Description

This Hoover Upright 16" Extension Wand for HOOVER ELITE/Windtunnel Upright Vacuum. Fits hoover models C1412-900, C1414-900, C1700-900, C1701, C1702-900 C1703-900, C1705-900, C1710-900, C1712, CH50010 CR50005, L2310, L2315, S5682, S5684 S5686, S5688, U5140-900, U5458-900, U5458-910 U5460-900, U5462-900, U5491900, U5467-900, U5468-900, U5470-900 U5471-900, U5472-900, U5473-900, U5481-900, U5491-900 U5491-950, U5753-900, U5762-900, U5786-900, U6439-900, U6485900, U6454-900, U6485-900, U6630-900, U6634-900, U8125-900 U8125-960, U8135-900, U8145-900, U8150-900, U8151-900 U8153-900, U8155-900, U8157-900, U8161-900, U8163-900 U8172-900, U8174-900, U8181-900, U8187-900, U8188-900 U9125-900, U9145-900, UH30015, UH30030HD, UH30070 UH30085, UH40020, UH40065, UH40110, UH40115 UH40125, UH40145B, UH40265, UH50000, UH50005B UH60000, UH60010, Part#: 38634078

Additional Information

Item Length : 0.1

Item Height : 0.1

Item Width : 0.1

Item Weight : 0.5

Condition : New

UPC : 802093676045

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