Hoover Wheel Rear Futra Gray S3585 #38522065

by Govacuum.com
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Product Description

Usually ships Same Day / Next Day. Fits these vacuum cleaner models: S3509- *; S3510- *; S3511- *; S3515- *; S3519- *; S3520- *; S3525-; S3527- *; S3535- *; S3545-; S3549- *; S3553- *; S3555- Futura/ Spectrum; S3557- *; S3559-; S3561- *; S3563- *; S3565- *; S3567- *; S3569- *; S3577- *; S3585- *; S3601- PowerMax Bagged Canister; S3603- PowerMax Supreme; S3605-PowerMax Caninster; S3606- PowerMax Canister; S3607- PowerMax Deluxe Canister; S3608- PowerMax Canister; S3609- PowerMax Canister; S3610- PowerMax Canister; S3611- PowerMax Canister; S3612- PowerMax Canister; S3613- PowerMax Canister; S3614- PowerMax Canister; S3615- PowerMax Canister; S3620- *; S3630- Bagged WindTunnel Canister; S3636- *; S3639- WindTunnel Bagged Canister; S3640- Canister; S3646- WindTunnel; S3649- *; S3655- WindTunnel; S3661- *; S3641- Windtunnel Canister Cleaner; S3551-; S3517-; S3547-; S3571-; S3573-; S3523-; S3513-; S3533-; S3580-; S3530-; S3595-;

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Condition : New

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