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iRobot Roomba 800 Series HEPA Replenishment Kit By ZVac

Brand : ZVac

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Key Features

  • Includes everything needed for routine Roomba vacuum maintenance
  • Includes 6 side arm brushes, 4 filters & cleaning tool
  • Cleaning tool to extend the life of your brushes
  • Designed for iRobot Roomba 800 Series Model 880 and 870.
  • Designed, Developed & Engineered by ZVac in America!

Product Description

Any machine needs regular, routine maintenance and your Series 800 Roomba is no different. We've packaged everything you need to keep your cleaning robot in peak condition into one handy kit! This replenishment kit includes 4 HEPA style filters to keep dust, dirt from circulating in the air you breathe. 6 side arm brushes help your Roomba clean the whole room, even in hard to reach places like baseboard edges or under furniture. Lastly, the included cleaning tool extends the life of your brushes and helps improve the functionality of your Roomba vacuuming robot. All the replacement parts in this comprehensive replenishment kit are high quality and meet OEM standards.

Additional Information

Item Length : 12.6

Item Width : 5

Item Height : 9

Condition : New

UPC : 757901690945

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 1
Average rating : 5 /5
It replaces parts and works the same. Besides that, these special parts actually assemble to form a mega robot that do dishes and laundry too!!!