Kenmore Style C/Q Micro Filtration Canister Cloth Vacuum Bags (Pack of 18) Similar to 50558, 5055, 50557 by ZVac


Key Features

  • 18 High Quality Total Kenmore Style Canister Cloth Vacuum Bags by ZVac
  • Designed to fit/Compatible with - Kenmore 5055, 50557, 50561
  • A must for allergy sufferers
  • Made by ZVac

Product Description

For Kenmore canister 5055 18 bags per pack. These are generic replacement Vacuum Cleaner bags made by ZVac For Kenmore Type C or 5055, 50555, 50557 and 50558 Style Bags. These bags are 40% more efficient at capturing fine dust and airborne allergens then standard single ply bags are. ZVac can enforce much better quality control, and guarantees there bags never to tear, or burst open when vacuuming, promising a full replacement at no charge if it were to rip during vacuuming. These are perfect for homes where people experience allergies or various breathing problems such as Asthma. It's amazing what a simple bag can do. If you have pets or children, these are going to do wonders for your family. They also have 3 Ply Construction and are 40% larger than all the standard paper bags. Each package includes 18 ZVac bags per pack, and replaces part 20-50557, 20-50558, or 5055 type C.

These bags may appear larger than standard paper bags (aprox 14" wide x 15" long) as it is made completely flat with no pleats. However once the bag is mounted on the intake port (inside the dust chamber), simply tuck all the edges of the bag inside to allow the door or hatch to seal completely shut. The bag will then expand to the size of the dust chamber when the vacuum is switched on allowing it to hold more debris than a standard pleated filter bag.

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VanOrden. S
Great value
VanOrden. S
Great value

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