Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bag (15pk)

by Govacuum.com

Key Features

  • Generic Miele FJM Bags
  • For Miele S4, S6, and older S200i, S300i, and S500i Canister Models
  • Manufactured for Easy and Perfect Installation
  • Contains 15 bags per pack
  • ZVac in America!.

Product Description

Vacuum bags are essential is making sure the dirt and debris you pick up stay off the floor! These FJM style replacement vacuum bags for Miele vacuum cleaners are made with heavy duty materials that won't rip or tear, and feature and airtight closure. The bags trap micro-sized debris like dust within the vacuum's camber. The bags are easy to remove and seal when removed from the vacuum so you are never exposed to tiny particles that could cause lung irritation or damage. The product includes 15 bags compatible with Miele s300i, s200i, s500i, s4, and s6 model vacuum cleaners. All parts meet OEM standards and are designed in the USA. This is a high quality, great value replacement for name brand bags, and they work just as efficiently. They are manufactured for easy installation, and fit perfectly with Miele models.

Additional Information

Item Length: 12

Item Width : 7

Item Height : 3

Condition : New

UPC : 700811339503

Product ratings
Number of reviews: 3
Average rating : 4.3/5
kemperman. y
Very good, have ordered a few times.
Haun. J
As expected.
Stanton. S
fair quality

Questions & Answers

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  • Dose it fit the S500i model?

    Yes it fits the S500i model.