Panasonic MC-V145MT 12-Pack Type U-6 Upright Vacuum Bag


Key Features

  • Bag Type U-6.
  • 12 bags per pack.
  • Use genuine Panasonic Bags for outstanding performance

Product Description

Genuine Panasonic Type U-6 Vacuum Bags. Made for select Panasonic commercial upright vacuum cleaners.Fits Models: MC , MCV 6200, 6300, 6600, 6800, 6900 , 7300 series, MC-V 6405 including the Panasonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner models
Panasonic MC5111

Panasonic MC-UG383
Panasonic MC5116

Panasonic MC5121

Panasonic MC5131

Panasonic MC5150

Panasonic MC51501

Panasonic MC5190

Panasonic MC51901

Panasonic MC5210

Panasonic MC5220

Panasonic MC5230

Panasonic MC5250

Panasonic MC5501

Panasonic MC5510

Panasonic MC6210

Panasonic MC6215

Panasonic MC6220

Panasonic MC6225

Panasonic MC6230

Panasonic MC6250

Panasonic MC6601

Panasonic MC6602

Panasonic MC6640

Panasonic MC6810

Panasonic MC-UG371

Panasonic MC-V110

Panasonic MC-V110 00

Panasonic MC-V120

Panasonic MC-V150

Panasonic MC-V200

Panasonic MC-V210

Panasonic MC-V210 00

Panasonic MC-V215

Panasonic MC-V215 00

Panasonic MC-V225

Panasonic MC-V300

Panasonic MC-V315

Panasonic MC-V315 00

Panasonic MC-V325

Panasonic MC-V400

Panasonic MC-V5003

Panasonic MC-V500300

Panasonic MC-V5005

Panasonic MC-V5005-00

Panasonic MC-V5005-01

Panasonic MC-V5005-02

Panasonic MC-V5009-00

Panasonic MC-V5017

Panasonic MC-V5027

Panasonic MC-V503700

Panasonic MC-V511000

Panasonic MC-V5203

Panasonic MC-V5204

Panasonic MC-V5209-00

Panasonic MC-V5210-00

Panasonic MC-V5227

Panasonic MC-V5238

Panasonic MC-V5239-00

Panasonic MC-V5241-00

Panasonic MC-V5247

Panasonic MC-V5248

Panasonic MC-V5257

Panasonic MC-V5258

Panasonic MC-V525800

Panasonic MC-V526100

Panasonic MC-V5267

Panasonic MC-V526700

Panasonic MC-V5268

Panasonic MC-V526800

Panasonic MC-V5269-00

Panasonic MC-V527100

Panasonic MC-V5278

Panasonic MC-V5278-00

Panasonic MC-V5297

Panasonic MC-V529700

Panasonic MC-V5370

Panasonic MC-V5502

Panasonic MC-V5504

Panasonic MC-V5710

Panasonic MC-V5715

Panasonic MC-V5716

Panasonic MC-V5720

Panasonic MC-V5725

Panasonic MC-V5726

Panasonic MC-V5730

Panasonic MC-V5740

Panasonic MC-V5744

Panasonic MC-V5746

Panasonic MC-V5750

Panasonic MC-V5760

Panasonic MC-V6602

Panasonic MC-V6980

Panasonic MC-V6985

Panasonic MC-V7305

Panasonic MC-V7309

Panasonic MC-V7311

Panasonic MC-V731100

Panasonic MC-V7312

Panasonic MC-V7314

Panasonic MC-V7314-01

Panasonic MC-V7325

Panasonic MC-V7335

Panasonic MC-V7341

Panasonic MC-V7347

Panasonic MC-V7348

Panasonic MC-V7355

Panasonic MC-V7357

Panasonic MC-V7358

Panasonic MC-V7365

Panasonic MC-V7367

Panasonic MC-V7370

Panasonic MC-V737002

Panasonic MC-V7375

Panasonic MC-V7377

Panasonic MC-V738002

Panasonic MC-V7385

Panasonic MC-V7387

Panasonic MC-V7388

Panasonic MC-V7389

Panasonic MC-V7390

Panasonic MC-V739002

Panasonic MC-V7395

Panasonic MC-V7398

Panasonic MC-V7399

Panasonic MC-V7400D

Panasonic MC-V7407D

Panasonic MC-V7418D

Panasonic MC-V7428

Panasonic MC-V7501

Panasonic MC-V7505

Panasonic MC-V7515

Panasonic MC-V7521

Panasonic MC-V7522

Panasonic MC-V752200

Panasonic MC-V7531 which take U, U3, U6 Bags

Additional Information

Item Length : 2

Item Height : 18

Item Width : 6

Item Weight : 1.1

Condition : New

UPC : 724453347603

Part#: MC-V145MT

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