Vacuum Motor Assembly for Eureka Sanitaire, Kent and Clark models, 7amp, 120V


Key Features

  • Vacuum motor assembly
  • Powerful vacuum motor with gaskets
  • 120 volt, 7 amperes
  • Fits various Eureka Sanitaire, Kent and Clark models
  • Measures 9-3/4-inches length by 8-3/4-inches width by 7-3/4-inches height

Product Description

120 volt 7amp vacuum motor assembly. Powerful vacuum motor with gaskets. Fits Eureka Sanitaire, Kent and Clarke models SC899, SC888, SC887, SC886, SC684, S647, S670, S677, 1950A, 2034E, 2124A, 2125A, 2134ET, 4038B, 5049B, 5130B, 5134A, C2031BM, C2031D, C2031E, C2032A, C2032B, C2094D, C2094E, C2094F, C2094FB, C2094G, C2094GW, C2094H, C2194A, C2194B, C4046B, C4046E, C4046F, C4046F-1, C4047A, S607D, S647A, S647B, S647B-1, S647D, S647E, S649A, S654A, S657A, S659A, S661A, S661B, S661E, S662A, S663A, S663B, S663D, S670A, S670A-1, S670A-2, S670B, S677A, S677A-1, S677A-2, S677B, S677D, SC675A, SC684E, SC684F, SC684F-1, SC684F-2, SC688A, SC695A, SC882A, SC883A, SC886D, SC886E, SC886E-1, SC886E-2, SC887A, SC887B, SC887B-1, SC887B-2, SC888D, SC888E, SC888F, SC888G, SC888G-1, SC888H, SC888H-1, SC888J, SC899E and SC899E-2. Motor assembly includes gaskets. Measures 9-3/4-inches length by 8-3/4-inches width by 7-3/4-inches height.

Additional Information

Item Length : 12.6

Item Height : 12.3

Item Width : 12.5

Item Weight : 6.2

Condition : New

UPC : 700604503197

Part#: 15942-2

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