ZVac 15 Bosch Type P Vacuum Bags Generic Part Replaces Part Numbers 207, BBZ52AFP2U Fits: Models BSG81365UC, BSG81313, BSG81370UC, BSG81335, BSG81360UC, BSG81396UC, BSG81380UC Premium Series

by Govacuum.com

Product description

Fits Compact and Formula cansiter vacuum models. We at GoVacuum are proud to offer our very own brand, the ZVac brand, of superior vacuum bags. Most Vacuum bags are standard 1 ply bags which provide decent performance in filtering particles. The ZVac Brand vacuum bags feature a 2 ply design in addition to providing micro-filtration technology capturing an amazing 99.97% of lung damaging airborne particles and debris. This measures to filtering about 3 times better than the standard vacuum bag. We have also designed and manufactured the ZVac bags to meet the exact OEM specifications for installation, while exceeding quality, and to be produced with earth friendly materials in order to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

  • This is a 15 package of premium generic replacement vacuum bags by ZVac. This replaces the original OEM Bosch Type Pvacuum bags & replaces part numbers 207, BBZ52AFP2U
  • Premium generic vacuum bags fits these series of Bosch vacuums: Bosch models BSG81365UC, BSG81313, BSG81370UC, BSG81335, BSG81360UC, BSG81396UC, SG81380UC premium series & other vacuums using Type P vacuum bags
  • Fits these models: BBS800, BBZ41FP(00), BBZ52 AFP, BBZ52AFP(00), BBZ52AFP1(00), BBZ52AFP2(00), BSG61830/03, BSG8AU/01, BSG8GB/01, BSG8GB/10, BSG81266/01, BSG81266/09, BSG81266/10, BSG81266AU/10, BSG81266CH/09, BSG81266CH/10, BSG81623, BSG81623/01, BSG81623/09, BSG81623/10, BSG81666, BSG81666/01, BSG81666/09, BSG81666/10, BSG81800, BSG81801, BSG81801/01, BSG81810, BSG81810AU/01, BSG81880, BSG81880/01, BSG81880GB/01, BSG81885/01, BSG82000, BSG82000/01.
  • Also Fits These Models: BSG82222, BSG82222/01, BSG82230, BSG82230/02, BSG82230/09, BSG82230/10, BSG82230CH/01, BSG82230CH/10, BSG82277, BSG82277/01, BSG82422, BSG82422/01, BSG82422/10, BSG82425, BSG82425/02, BSG82425/10, BSG82480/08, BSG82480/10, BSG82480AU/10, BSG82485, BSG82485/01, BSG82485/08, BSG82485/10, BSG82490, BSG82490/02, BSG82490/10, BSG82502, BSG82502/01, BSG82502/12, BSG8 PRO 1, BSG8PRO1/02, BSG8PRO1/09, BSG8PRO1/10, BSG8PRO11/02, BSG8PRO11/09
  • This is a premium generic product made by ZVac. This is not an OEM product and is not covered under any manufacturer's warranty. ZVac is not affiliated with the manufacturer

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