Kenmore Style C/Q Micro Filtration Canister Cloth Vacuum Bags - 30 Pack

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Key Features

  • 30 high quality total Kenmore style canister cloth vacuum bags by ZVac
  • Designed to fit/Compatible with - Kenmore 5055, 50557, 50563
  • These bags may appear larger than standard paper bags (approx. 14" wide x 15" long) as it is made completely flat with no pleats
  • A must for allergy sufferers
  • Made by ZVac

Product Description

Design and Performance

The Kenmore Style C/Q vacuum  filter bags made by ZVac are large and flat without any pleats making them appear larger than standard paper bags. Perfect for collecting fine dust particles, pollen, small glass shards and other airborne suspended particles that cause allergies. Each bag is approximately 14 inches wide and 15 inches long and its sides can be tucked into the canister’s sides before shutting the door.

These Kenmore Style C/Q vacuum filter bags are designed to fit Kenmore 50558, 5055, 50561 and 50557 vacuum cleaner models and are large enough to fit the vacuum compartment that reduces chances of dust leakage. It is designed to expand within the dust chamber on switching the vacuum so that it can hold more debris than standard vacuum bags.

Capacity and Convenience

The Kenmore C/Q Style vacuum bags made of single ply made under strict quality control measures to ensure that they never tear or burst during vacuuming. It is ideal for homes with   small children or pets that tend to drop small food particles on furniture and floor. The micro filtration bags help to remove allergens that cause breathing problems during pollen season.   

Made of good quality material that almost feels like a reusable shopping bag, these cloth vacuum bags by ZVac provide top quality performance at affordable price.

Additional Features

The Kenmore CQ style cloth vacuum bags may appear standard paper bags but they are 40% more efficient and are also available with 3 ply construction.

Additional Information

Item Length : 13.9 inches

Item Width : 9.2 inches

Item Height : 4.2 inches

Item Weight : 1.9 pounds

Condition : New

UPC : 757901692819

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 1
Average rating : 5 /5
waldron. J
These bags are better then those paper vacuum cleaner bags that tear and blow dust all over.

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  • What are the dimensions of the bag ?

    The dimensions of this bag are 35.3 x 23.4 x 10.7 cm.