Zvac Replacement Bosch G Vacuum Bag Compatible with Bosch Part # 462544, Bbz51Afg1U, Bbz51Afg2U Fits All Canisters Using Bosch Vacuum Bags - 15 Pack…

by Govacuum.com

Product Description

These Allergy Reduction Type G Canister Vacuum Bags from ZVac feature a 3 layer design to capture airborne particles including dust, pet dander, pollen, and other irritants. The bags offer superior dust retention and seal automatically when removed from your Bosch vacuum so no dust escapes back into your air or onto your flooring. The bags are designed to fit Bosch Formula and Compact series canister vacuum cleaner models BSG71310, BSG71360, BSG71370, BSA2100UC, BSA2200UC, BSA2222UC, and UPC 825225836360. They are made using high quality, durable materials that meet OEM standards and won’t rip or break. These are high quality type G bags that may be used as a great value replacement for parts to parts BBZ51AFG2U and BBZ51AFGUC.

  • This is a 15 package of premium generic replacement bosch type g vacuum bags and filters. This replaces the original OEM Bosch Type G Vacuum Bags & replaces part numbers 206, BBZ51AFG1U, BBZ51AFG2U & Bosch Vacuum Bags bsgl31232/03 & Bosch 462544.
  • Premium generic Bosch vacuum bags type g fits these series of Bosch vacuums: Bosch BSA2200UC, BSA2200UC, BSG71360, BSG71370 Formula, BSG71310, BSA2100UC, BSA2222UC Compact Series. & other vacuums using Type G Vacuum Bags.
  • Bosch type g bags fits these models: Bosch BBS 1032, Bosch BSC 1200, Bosch BBS 1118, Bosch BSD 3300, Bosch BBS 1191, Bosch BSF 1101, Bosch BBS 1113, Bosch BSD 2822, Bosch BBS 1128, Bosch BSD 7000, Bosch BBS 1112, Bosch BBS 2900, Bosch BBS 1141, Bosch BBS 1117, Bosch BSD 9999, Bosch BBS 1127, Bosch BSD 3020, Bosch BBS 1132, Bosch BBS 1081, Bosch BSC000, Bosch BBS 1121, Bosch BSD 4000, Bosch BBS 2000, Bosch BSF 1103, Bosch BBS 1114, Bosch BSD 2880, Bosch BBS 1131, Bosch BSD 7999, Bosch BSD 1000,
  • Bosch G Vacuum Bags Also Fits These Models: Siemens STONE & WOOD, Siemens SUPER C, Siemens SUPER C 620, Siemens Super E, Siemens SUPER L, Siemens SUPER L 930, Siemens BBZ41FGXXL, Siemens CASA 10, Siemens COMPACTA, Siemens COMPACTA 72, Siemens COMPACTA 75, Siemens Super XL, Siemens BBZ41FG, Siemens CASA 12, Siemens COMPACT, Siemens Super M, Siemens SUPER C 600

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